🚨 June Ruck Event 🚨 #3rdF Raffle #TeamVince #Steepleton


About a month ago, at a 30+ PAX Incubator Monday at the posh an FNG stepped in COT for what was one of the more moving moments in F3Louisville’s short history.  WeedWacker introduced himself and opened up his heart to speak about his son Vince, who is in the midst of battling cancer.  McAfee being a #HIM immediately brought the PAX in around WeedWacker to lay hands on him and pray for his family and Vince.

Message from WeedWacker:

Vince was born February 12th 2014. He has been a blessing from the start. As you have heard he was diagnosed with cancer Feb. 15th this year. He has a rare type of adolescent cancer called Wilms Tumor. On Feb. 19th Vince had a nephrectomy which was the removal of his kidney and a 2.5lb tumor. They also found 30 cancer nodules in his lungs. He is still fighting to get rid of what is now left (1 nodule). Vince was given a 32-34 week chemo plan along with 8 days of radiation. He has been through it all and still continues to amaze us ( Morgan(Mommy), Kaiden(12yr old Brother) Me, Josh(Dad). Vince has no quit in him. He is an inspiration to me and if it weren’t for him being so strong through this I would have a much harder time getting through myself. #VinceStrong #inVINCEable

Needless to say everyone left that COT with a different perspective and were moved to wrap our F3 arms around this new #HIM.

That time has come!


Today I was in Steepleton, speaking to scratch about the RuckEvent and about our potential #3rdF idea.  He immediately walked over and grabbed a 40L Yeti Cooler.  “Raffle this off!” Wow!  talk about giving with a generous and loving heart.  Scratch is a HIM and an outstanding member of the community.  He obviously has my business but if anyone is in the market for outdoor/patio equipment there is no other place to go.

 Thank you Steepleton and Scratch!

A couple more HIMs generously donated 3 bottles of Weller for the raffle.


TeamVince Raffle

40 Liter Yeti Hopper

Weller 12, Weller Antique, Weller Special Reserve

Raffle Price – $20 donation (1 entry)

$40 donation (2 entries)



TeamVince PayPal

When you make a donation, we will have your name and email address to know who submitted.  (If you have issues with PayPal please message me on slack, or if you want to pay cash let me know and we can work it out for you)

Please share this on your social media and with your family and friends.  Lets wrap our F3 arms around the Caballero family!!!!!!!





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