July 3rd Rooster PreBlast at the Mutt


Nugget has the Q tomorrow and he kicks off red, white and blue week at the Mutt- wear some patriotic gear.

Since we have 5 options tomorrow, I thought I would provide a preview for tomorrow- and no I did not see Nugget’s Weinke.

1) going to be some coupon work

2) probably light running

3) Could be some you vs: you- especially if  Nugget has to stop and take a dump

4) I’ve been told by Nugget that there is no chance that CI will be there- c’mon CI throw Nug a bone and surprise the guy/ Christmas in July?

5) last, Nugget has secured post workout motorized foot massager for all those that show up tomorrow.  He borrowed this dildo looking contraption from Zima- and we have no idea where Zima got it, but likely the store rhymes with Prillia’s



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