The Bridge 7-4-18 Pre Blast

We will be completing the Army physical fitness test.  It involves three fitness events, push-ups (in 2 minutes), sit-ups (in 2 minutes) and a 2 mile run.  The results of each event are translated into points 0-100.  According to the army you need at least 60 points on each event to pass.   The points awarded are based on your age.  So for me, being 38 years old, I would need to do 34 push-ups, 38 sit-ups and run two miles in 18:18 to pass.   No penalty for not passing, this is just something I think we can use to track our progress.

Push-ups require that you go down until your upper arms are parallel to the ground.  Nothing necessarily, not even your chest, has to touch the ground.  The up position is your back rigid and straight with your arms fully extended.  The rest position is a plank.  You can flex your back or sag in the middle but your knees can’t touch the ground.  Also, you can’t lift your hands or toes off the ground for any reason.  

Sit-ups are hands behind your head with fingers locked.  The down position is your shoulder blades against the ground.  Your head, hands and arms can be off the ground. The up position is your head in front of the base of your spine.  The rest position is the up position.  You can’t spend any time in the down position without making an effort to go back up.

Afterward we will do some standard workout stuff time permitting.

Good luck everybody!


Below are images of the proper sit-up and push-up technique.


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