Congratulations! You’re already late!


A new challenge has been launched, and yes, it started yesterday!  Great job so far!  The idea behind this CSBNRP (completely stupid but not really pointless) is to encourage YOU to visit other AOs.  I am an absolute Mutt homer, I admit it.  The Mutt is 0.25 miles away from my fart sack.  Less if I cut through Geppetto’s yard.  Hell, I can get up at 0515 and still have time to drop anchor and make it up there.

What has built this F3 juggernaut in Louisville?  WE HAVE.  The men, the HLs, the stories, the fundraising, the encouragement, the energy…it is because of US that this thing is succeeding, and we should spread that vibe all over the town.  Get out there and go somewhere new. 

The Challenge:

  • There are 9 full weeks in July and August.
  • There are 8 AOs (Mutt, O, North Posh, South Posh, Carpenter, Tank, County, Bayside), plus Black Ops.
  • You must post twice at each of our AOs, post at 4 total Black Ops, and post 27 times total.  3 per week.  Don’t forget you can call a Black Ops anytime, and only 2 men are needed for it to count.  Pre-WO rucks and EC runs count.
  • You must Q twice at a non-home AO.
  • You must attend three 2rd F events.
  • You must participate in 1 3nd F event (self-policed.  Do something awesome for someone).

Weasel Shaker and half-robot Tron will be keeping track.  It is important for Qs and Site Qs to submit attendance reports with a designation for visiting PAX.  Those who complete the challenge are guaranteed to have whiter teeth, a better vocabulary, and be Gooder all around.  There is also a sweet ass dri-fit shirt in development that’ll make you want to smack your Mama.

Go to bed 15 minutes earlier.   Do it.   Nothing is far in this town.  No excuses. 

Where will you go first?


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