The Carpenter Backblast – 7.3.2018

I had only been to the Carpenter once before, so I had to ask Trump and CI for some local knowledge this past weekend, and their insight was perfect.

The idea for this Weinke came to me as I suffered through a Nino beatdown at the Hurt several weeks back.  Suicides….I hate suicides, but they sure do kick my ass, so I need to learn to appreciate them.  With that in mind I wanted to come up with some way to make them different, but no less grueling.

PAX (10):  Captain Insane-o, Trump, Star Child, Scuba Steve, Old Bay, Flo Jo, Tricycle, Tron, Marbles, Deuce (Q).

Weather: July

Start with a mosey to the Zoo’s parking lot, but after about 10 feet I had to ask what was the quickest way to the Zoo’s parking lot.  Luckily Flo Jo had my back.  Get to the Zoo parking lot where I had stopped earlier that morning and strategically placed 4 mini American flags as my markers for the upcoming suicides.

COP: Kendra Newmans, SSH IC (25), Imperial Walkers IC (25), downward dog to stretch.

Thang #1:  Suicide circuit – 4 different types of suicides with a one-minute timed exercise in between each.

Suicide #1 – burpee suicide.  One burpee then run to the first flag and back, two burpees and run to the second flag and back, 3 burpees then 3rd flag and finishing with 4 burpees and 4th flag and back.

Tweener exercise – Big boy sit ups AMRAP for one minute.

Suicide #2 – to the short flag only on all – bear crawl to the flag and back, crab walk to the flag and back, broad jump to the flag and back, then lunge walk to the flag and back.

Tweener exercise – Merkins AMRAP for one minute.

Suicide #3 – regular suicide.

Tweener exercise – one minute plank

Suicide #4 – Bernie Sanders suicide.

Thang #2 – count off, partner up.  Dora suicide – 100 Merkins, 200 big boy sit ups and 200 squats (was 300, but time limited this)

Partner 1 would start on the merkins while Partner 2 ran a regular suicide, switch and continue until 100, 200 and 200 were achieved.

Gather up my mini flags and head back to the real flag for COT.

COT – announcements were given along with a hope for a happy and safe 4th of July.  In addition, while I had fun coming up with this suicide themed Weinke, there has been a lot of focus on suicide recently, which is a very serious issue.  While the focus has been on celebrity suicides, one of the greatest tragedies continues to be the suicide rate among veterans, which deserves as much (if not more) attention than anything else.  We can never know what others are thinking, but my challenge was to look to do one random act of kindness.  Those small acts can make a difference to someone who is down.

I had a blast this morning and appreciate all coming out, and I definitely intend come out more to the Carpenter.  I have only been twice, but this AO has so much to offer, so hopefully the challenge for July and August will help others see this as well.



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