Rooster BackBlast July 3

Q: Nugget

Pax: Scratch, Glen Ross, LoCo, Tiger, Zima, Buschhhh, Snowman, PED, SumpPump, WhamO, Pepperoni, Hooch, Waterboy, Escort

Conditions: 75, slightly less humidity

Gear: Q was in Abe Lincoln Tank

Pre workout Mumblechatter: Learned some good stuff today. Knowing that Nugget was the Q and that he’s a good old boy from Hikes Point I snapped a pic yesterday of the world famous Hikes Point Bar and Lounge. If you are familiar with this fine establishment, they really don’t like guys in suits taking pictures, but I got one and that’s all I needed for the pre-blast. This led the discussion as Buschhhhh informed the Pax, that Leonard (the owner), is the cities longest pub/ bar owner—owning and operating HPBL for 53 years! Not sure if this is going to be a future happy hour spot or not, but Ladies are always welcome

Disclaimer and we were off………..but not the usual mosey around the school for COP—but just up the hill to the field. This curveball really messed with Tiger, as he always counts on the extra 2 minutes “when coming in hot”

Also, left the pax with wet shoes…………………….

COP: 20 SSH (IC), Kendra Newmans—forward and backwards, big and small, various arm stretches, 10 grass grabbers (IC), 10 Imperial Walkers (IC)

Thang 1: Q showed up early, placed 4 cones along field for group work. Divided the Pax into 5 groups, but mentioned that he wanted the Pax to push themselves. Not walking through the workout, but giving 100% and use the partners to push and hold each other accountable. Group 1 Squats (AMRAP), Group 2 Burpees (AMRAP), Group 3 MErkins (AMRAP) Group 4 LBCs (AMRAP). Group 5 started at the Group 4, sprinted down the field to Group 1.  This was the cycle for the next 20 minutes. 2 takeaways from this:

  1. Nugget’s pre-workout talk about pushing ourselves worked. Man I saw everyone running/ AYG for the entire 20 minutes.
  2. This was a long 20 minutes

Thang 2: Q also works in some coupon work (see pre-blast). Head over to the prayer garden/ coupon corner and circle up for some Tabata.

Started with Thrusters—8 rounds! Finished with flutter kicks, another 8 rounds. Q also had great play list going to continue to push and motivate the Pax…….Joe Esposito- You’re the Best, Rocky theme song and right as we finished Top Gun! All around a complete workout and great Q from Nugget.


Announcements and closing prayer. Q shared with us his challenges over the past month or so and it seems that many have had the same problems—summertime posting fatigue(SPF). Also, wanted to Q today and push himself to work harder and challenged the Pax to do the same. Great Q Nugget!

Nugget tossed out this idea last week about getting someone else to do the backblast—to kind of see the workout from another side. I thought it was a cool idea too and told him I would do it. Of course, while at the pool over the weekend, Mouth laughed about this “he got you to do his work”. But really I thought it was fun and Nugget is a good dude so I’m glad I got to do it.

Also, In my office yesterday laughing at a message from Nugget “do you want to see my Weinke”? Man this group is fun! Happy 4th—stay safe and SYITG

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