Fog Backblast 7/7

Nine HIMs enjoyed the clear, gorgeous morning at F3’s finest AO on Saturday, July 7, 2018: Coffee Grinder (FNG), Bob Ross, Catfish, Wapner, Watt, Launch Pad (R), Duck, Meatball, & Mr. Hat (Q).

Mosey to the COP: 10 grass grabbers, 10 abe vigodas, 30 side-straddle hops, and some arm circles. Then err one grabbed a coupon, and off to the poshy egg lawn we went.

I had never used coupons before for a Q, and I like to browse the F3 Exicon for new ideas for the PAX. The Exicon didn’t fail to deliver, as expected.

Firstly: block webbs. Like Jack Webbs, but with your cinder block. One merkin, four presses with the coupon. Two merkins, eight presses. We made it to 10 merkins/40 presses, but no one did all the presses after the first several rounds. We each maxed out on the coupon presses, then went to original Jack Webb air presses to finish off that round. It hurt, we had fun, and we all got better.

Secondly: bears and blocks. Set a starting cone then another about 30 feet away. Bear crawl. Reach back, drag your coupon in front of you, bear crawl, do it over and over. We went down and back three times. We had fun, and we all got better.

Thirdly: 10 blockees. I think McAfee named these man-makers, but Exicon calls them blockees: merkin on the coupon, up on your feet, lift coupon over head, back down and do it again. We had fun doing this exercise, and we all got better.

Fourthly: with nine PAX this am ITG, it was a perfect number to modify. Let me learn you a new relay. Each group of 3 stacked their coupons. P1: pick up one coupon, run it to the other end, run back, pick up another and did so until all the coupons were stacked again on the other side. P2: Al Gore until P1 finished. P3: burpees until P1 finished. Then P1 went to Al Gore, P2 did burpees, and on down the line we went. We did three rotations of this nonsense. We had fun doing this relay, and we all got better.

Fifthly: we made three trips from the tall posh grass to the egg lawn loop. How far was this…50-70 yards? I have no idea but who cares. Trip #1: four lunges & four paces of a duck walk all the way to the egg lawn loop. Trip #2: crab walk all the way to the egg lawn loop. Trip #3: bears & blocks and duck walk holding the coupon. These trips were fun, and we all got better.

Sixthly: spent some time with Mary and introduced Coffee Grinder to pickle pounders and J-Lo.

Seventhly: circled up, COT, met Coffee Grinder, and took a moment to pray. I am beyond grateful for a group such as this. Rock out the rest of the weekend boys.

Hat out.

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