A view from the 6 #Ruiner

“The merlot had a deep red color with subtle aroma, hints of plum with a nutty finish…”

Q: Captain Insaneo

Pax: Nugget (YHC), Wham!, Vincent, Seabass, Red Roof, Mayberry, red hawk, Acorn, Little Jerry, Double Down, Face, Chestnutt, Spicoli (FNG), Socrates (FNG, read: Soo-crates long A), Noxeema Jackson, Duplo, Pork Chop, Loco, Tron, Jitterbug, Captain Insaneo

Gearlander : the Q wore a black F3 romper that I think he purchased through a loop hole in the FIA mudgear site.

I’ll start this off with a conversation I had with both Seabass and Red Roof. It went like this:

YHC: Want to do a Pre Ruck at the O Saturday?

RR/Seabass (identical response) : I’m out, CI is Q’ing.

Well, CI’s reputation is well known. This is the type of Q that makes the Pax rethink a lot of decisions leading up to it. What did I eat Thursday? What time should I get to bed? Do I need more calories or less? Beer or Bourbon? Should I even imbibe? Do I have a good excuse?

Ultimately, the Ruiner is the original, and I feel at home there. My hardest workouts have been there and the variety is infinite. CI had q’d many of them and has a way of beating me down only to come by with a smile, fistbump and a push to rethink my further plans for the day.

YHC tries not to miss an Insaneo Q bc of the feeling after. (side note, CI has a solid streak of missing YHC Qs, but I digress) The Pax circled up, disclaimer and some cartographic directions to the COP.

Indian Run over the valley and through the woods to the beginning of the golf course

All exercises in cadence for 20 reps, called perfectly I might add:

SSH, Merkins, LBCs, Grass Grabbers, squats.

Indian Run through the woods and over the valley to Mt Quimby where the tools of our destruction lied.

1 battle rope threaded through 3 60 lb sandbags Knotted at each end. Pax divided into 2 groups for Louisville Honey Pots up the hill 2 at a time.

2 Pax would drag a sandbag on the end of opposite sides of the rope, dragging the 3rd in the middle. 5 left hand and 5 right hand and switch to 2 more Pax.

Being of sound mind and less sound body, YHC tried to go early on as to lessen hill climb just to get to the sandbags.

When not dragging sandbags, we were doing some sets of 100 Merkins, 100 LBCs, and 100 Squats. Lots of MC, and warnings from Loco about tics, and malaria and plenty of other high grass hidden dangers.

I’m not sure if I even moved the sandbag up the hill, but everyone pitched in and we made it.

Mosey to the top of the hill for the next task.

1 Pax from each team would throw the end sandbags on his shoulder, and lunches walk down the hill dragging the middle sandbag. 6 step limit per Pax.

Other Pax would do the same thing as at the bottom of the hill. This is where I came to know Red Hawk more closely. It’s seemed that my choice of exercise had me face to crotch with him at all times. He was a gentleman the entire time.

Wham! Was my partner on this task. I’ve known Wham! For almost 30 years now going back to out days in French class. At one point we were almost the same size, not anymore. Good thing it wasn’t Yodas for Wham sake.

At the bottom of the hill, we lined up for some tug of war. After the dominance of Team 1, due to our tree trunk bases of the Pax, Team 2 decided to pull a “revenge of the Nerds” prank and let go of the rope. Well played Team 2.

At this point its 745 and obviously, we have to mosey back to the flag for COT. YHC fully ready to head back hears the words from CIs mouth. “mosey back up the hill”. Or as I realized an AIG, the Merlot was working it’s way out as I climbed. Hills kill me. At the top, the Pax held up for the 6 (ie Me) with some AL Gores. We went a little further for some Mary. DaVinci followed by JLos.

Now we have to get back, right?

CI called a fartlek, or a Tabata run. AYG for 20 seconds, jog for 40. YHC took the modify route and started the mosey back. A few fine HIMs came back for the 6, CI Loco and wham!. Positive vibes from Loco and we were back with 2 minutes to spare.

10 Burpees and we were done.


Named the FNGs, announcements and circle up for intentions for Vince, Noxeemas son, Loco parents and unspoken.

Naked moleskin

I always ask Seabass his thought on the workouts when we ride over to coffeeteria. His response, that was stupid. Translation, it sucked. It always sucks. But I have a story, a reason to drink a beer and another win for the day. I have come to look up to a lot of HIMs for various reasons. Speaking of CI in particular, it’s because he cares. His goal isn’t to melt faces and put another notch in his belt. It’s to challenge the Pax to find that next level. If we do what we always have done, we get what we always got. And trust me, a CI Q is never what we have always done. It’s what we have always done +coupons, battle ropes, sandbags or all together.

PS I didn’t spill.

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