Backblast “The Max” Bayside – 7/7/18

Perfect morning for a workout.  61 degrees.  76% humidity.

10 Pax made it out this morning.  4 visiting pax (VP)

Banana Bread, Glaucoma, Thumb tack, Gepetto VP, Shuttle Cock (R), Backdraft VP, Charlais (R), Retainer VP, Six Pack, Huggies VP(Q).

mosey to school entrance


30 SSH (IC)

25 Abe Vigodas (IC)

20 Grass Grabbers (IC)

Tricep Stretches

25 Imperial Walkers (IC)

Plank Stretches

15 Box Jumps

15 Dips (IC)

mosey around to side of the school


15 Merkins

5 more BOYOs

15 Merkins


Lunge walk with coupons the length of the football field. Every 10 yards we did an exercise 20 reps (coupon curls, coupon overhead press, coupon bench press)

Wind Sprints 6-4-2-1

40 yards X 6

60 yards X 4

80 yards X 2

100 yards X 1

The Snake – Start on the side line at the goal line.  Run across the field to the opposite side line and then bear crawl 10 yards up the field.  Run back across the field to the other side line and do it again until you get all the way to the other goal line on the opposite end of the field.

Wind Sprints Again 4-4-2

40 yards X 4

60 yards X 2

80 yards X 2

Mosey to put our coupons back


Duck Duck Goose – Call your own exercise. We circled up and one PAX would call out a Mary exercise and run around the circle.  The other PAX would do the exercise.  We went around twice.

Mosey back to flag.


Name O Rama, Announcements, Intentions,

Thank you for having me.  It’s always a pleasure to make it out to Bayside.  Its a great site to plan a workout.  Looking forward to next time.




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