7/11 @F3Pooler – Back Blast – Guest Q Hot Wheels

Traveling for work can take a toll on you. Since starting F3 it seems worse, I miss out on the morning beat downs I have grown accustomed to. My last trip to Savannah/Pooler I found a local AO. Getting in a beat down prior to two days in a conference room made the trip much more tolerable.

Fast forward a month-ish, I’m headed back for another two day meeting. I threw something on Twitter to the guys in Pooler, they confirm the schedule but also Betty Crocker offers me the Q. Immediately,I think this could be fun and accept.

Well I ended up getting swamped at work trying to finalize an estimate for the meeting, not much time to prep a weinke, I thought of some things to do on the plane. I know I got a good workout so I hope the guys there did too.

Pax: Dough Boy, Clog, Flat Tire, Betty Crocker, Airball, Armpit, Radar, Martha Stewart, DQ, Rameses, Breadcrumb, and Hot Wheels (Q)

COP: various reps of SSH, Abe Vigodas(Don Quixote’s), Grass Grabbers(they also had a different name I don’t remember), Imperial Walkers and some other things I don’t remember

The Thang: Mosey to grab some coupons, these guys have all kinds of fun things hidden at their AO, so to be clear we grabbed some Cindy’s.

We did some partner coupon suicides. One partner was moving with a coupon or two while the other was doing some sort of exercises.

Farmer carries

Louisville Honey Pots

Coupon Swings

And lots of other things I can’t remember.

After returning the Cindy’s we had just enough time for a visit with Mr. Jack Webb and some Mary.

COR/NOR/COT – these guys are very patriotic and say the pledge after every WO. Nice touch fellas! T claps. Intentions were made and Radar led us out in Prayer.

Thanks again for the opportunity to Q.

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