7-11 Blender BackBlast

Pax: Abacus, Sump Pump, PED, Swamp (FNG), Left Eye, Snowman, Fridge, Bumble Bee (Respect), Yogi, Zima, Old Bay, Grinder, Cow Bell, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions: 78, mostly cloudy w/ sunrise at 6:28

Pre-workout #mumblechatter: Mostly talked about our Weinkes—pretty sure PED looked at mine at the pool over the weekend, so I had to modify a bit. Also SumpPump wasn’t aware that Tron has been tracking all posts. So I showed him weasels.f3louisville.com on my phone so he can see/ review past workouts. Pretty sure most know this but if not, check it out and thank you Tron!

5:30—Disclaimer: Informed the Pax that I am not a professional and told the Pax to modify as needed. We had one FNG (Old Bay HL)—welcome to the Mutt Swamp

Mosey around the school for warm up:

15 SSH (IC), 10 Imperial Walkers (IC), LBAC—forward and backwards, 10 Merkins (IC)

Thang 1:

The night before, both WhamO and Mouth told me how much they disliked working out in the grass at the Mutt. I had already planned what we would do, but decided to call an audible to accommodate………..but, nether WhamO or Mouth showed up.   So got started with everyone grabbing a coupon, and walking over to the start of the new reflection path. At the start we did 20 single count curls, then carried coupons over our heads until the next stop. I had set-up 4 stops along the path, which totals just over a .25 of a mile. So up one way, we knocked out 100 curls, now we make our way back, carrying coupons over our heads, again stopping 5 times for a total of 100 rows.

Knocked out 100 curls/ 100 rows—all while doing overhead coupon carries

Thang 2: Bring coupons up to small soccer field—right behind the small playground. Circle up for Gas Pump Webb.

I tried this 3 weeks ago out at St. Al’s but we ran out of time. So, lets do it again—all the way up to 10/40.

We start with 1 big boy sit up, 4 gas pumps. We finished, listened to some tunes (thanks to Athlon Sports 10 best hype songs)

With a total of 55 big boys/ 220 gas pumps

Thang 3: Staying in the circle, we continued with the curls and rows. This time I merged thang 1 and thang 2 and we did a dirty webb.  Started with 2 curls/ 4 rows. Instead of single on the start, we bumped it up to 2’s. Short on time, we finished at 14/28 w/ a total of 56 Curls/ 112 Rows

With just 5 minutes left I wanted to throw in some fun. So we played World Cup Shootout. Got this one from Flipper and the other kids at the pool over the weekend.

Bringing the small goal from my house, each pax lined up for a penalty kick. Make it, we only do 1 burpee, miss and we do 3 burpees. Add this to the list of things the pax does not do well, as we only had 2 makes out of 12 shots, totaling 32 burpees to close out the day.

COT for announcements, intentions and closing prayer.


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