Rooster BB – 7/10

Delayed in getting this BB out as real life took over instead of F3.  I must be doing something wrong, but I digress.

Q PED, PAX – Pepperoni, Noxeema Jackson, Tiger, Left Eye, Hooch, Pyle, Fridge, Mouth, Belding, Taurine, Sump Pump, Deuce, Wham-O, Glen Ross, Cow Bell

Gave announcements and actually forgot to ask for FNG’s and later learned we had a pseudo FNG has he had posted once in the winter but he forgot his F3 name.  With some research from Deuce and Glen Ross we found it, Pyle.  Welcome back, glad you came.

Moseyed to Cherrywood, (on a side note in my PB I said NO RUNNING, but Deuce immediately called me out on our short 100 yard mosey to Cherrywood…attorneys…), side stepped while being parallel to Cherrywood and Bearnie Sanders to the back of the building.


15 SSH (IC),

15 Grass Grabbers (IC),

15 Abe Vigoda (IC)

Downward Dog, Runners Calf Stretch, Cobra

Thang 1

Dip Time Bomb – Moseyed to the coupon garden.  Prior to getting coupons everyone found a place on the wall and we did a Dip Time Bomb.  Similar to a merkin time bomb. First Pax started and counted to 3 at which point the next Pax started.  Went up to 10 the first round, 9 the second round until 0.  This was something I had just thought of the night before and I wasn’t sure how easy or hard it would be…woof.  I definitely felt that and wondered what had I done to myself the next morning.

Thang 2

Team Vince Challenge – Everyone grabbed a coupon and a partner.  Went to the football field and partners were about 25 yards apart.  Partner 1 was doing 200 curls, 200 merkins, 200 squats.  Partner 2 did 20 big boy sit ups and switched with partner 1.   I assume most Pax got their Team Vince Challenge in for the day.  Amazing how hard curls, merkins and squats are when your core is beat down.

Thang 3

Jack Webb Mary – Did a Jack Webb with 1 being American Hammer with a coupon and 4 being rosalitas.  After the Team Vince Challenge woof, woof.

At this point had 2 minutes left and returned coupons and circled up.  Made announcements and gave intentions.




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