Forced Close BB 7/14 The Parklands #TheFog

Q: Forced Close

PAX: (12) Gypsie, Jitterbug(R), Abacus, Cochran, Duck, Wapner, Watt, Double Down(R), Aerobie(R), Bob Ross, Presto, Forced Close(R)

I offered the PAX an opportunity to try something never attempted at the Parklands and they graciously humored me as I wasn’t sure how this would go down.  I was working out at the Norton Commons Y a few weeks ago and noticed a workout group on the track walking around for several laps carrying kettle bells above their heads.  I thought to myself “that looks like it would suck, we should do it at F3”.


SSHs 25

Cherry Pickers 20

Merkins 20

Kendra Newmans

The Thang

Grab the coupons and head to the Egg lawn.  We split 40 light poles into groups of 5 for 8 sets.  Coupons would be carried above your head as you walked to each pole stopping at all 40 to complete the exercises.

Poles 1-5  – 25 curls for a total of 125

Poles 6-10 – 25 Merkins for a total of 125

Poles 11-15 – 25 Coupon Swings for total of 125

Poles 16-20 – 25 Squats for total of 125

Poles 21-25 – 25 Shoulder Press for total of 125

Poles 26-30 – 25 Upright Rows for total of 125

Needed to modify at this point due to time

Pole 31 – Coupon Sit Ups – 25

Pole 32 – Rest and regroup for the final set

Poles 33 – 36 – 10 Burpees for total of 40

We didn’t quite make all 40 poles and there were several modifications and 10 counts that were needed!  Great effort by all!


PAX Circled up for announcements. Aerobie pointed out that Jesus and others carried and are carrying heavier burdens than the coupons we just did, and to pray for those less fortunate.  Intentions were given and thanks to God.

Thank you to the 11 PAX that allowed me to lead them on a journey today to get better.

Forced Close






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