BackBlast “The O” Bag of Wrenches #BOP Debute #ThatWasStupid #F3Counts #HIM @OF3Louisville

A few days ago YHC asked all the Q’s for today:
“Next Tuesday 17th, we are all Q’s.
Would y’all be interested in doing the same workout at all AO’s. It is a “You vs You”. Something I did when I was DR at The Fort in South Click.
Let me know and I will send it over.


don’t want to leak it out that we will be doing this, if possible. The surprise is part of it.”
Someone asked “What is the level of difficulty?”
My answer “I am still alive.”
That brings us to today…
15 brave souls walked (some ran before, Woof) smack into the “Board of Pain”.
QIC: Digiorno
PAX: Red Roof, Tron, Flo Jo, Chicken Fried, Spinal Tap, Fall Guy (Respect), Scuba Steve, Tin Cup, Wham!, Buschhhhh, Gillespie, OJ, Who Dey, Glenn Ross, Digiorno Q
YHC is going to stop typing now, mainly because my arms don’t work correctly at the moment.
Here is what we did and what each PAX accomplished. Great work to everyone!
Start with first exercise.
Between each exercise, run approx. 50-60 yards out and back.
This is “You vs You”.
We will do this ridiculousness again and #getbetter everytime.

Burpees – 100
Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)
Ski Abs – 100
Merkins – 100
Deep Squats – 100

LBCs – 200
Flo Jo 28
Chicken Fried 36
Tin Cup 50
Gillespie 200
Fall Guy 200
Carolina Dry Docks – 100
Red Roof 10
Tron 20
Scuba Steve 21
Glenn Ross 30
Who Dey 50
Russian Twists (Amer. Hammers) – 100
Spinal Tap 31
Wham! 67
Digiorno 100
Mac Tar Jai – 100
OJ 10
Buschhhhh 56
Jump Squats – 100
Mountain Climbers – 100
Shoulder Raises – 200
Mary Catherines (Jump Lunges) – 100
Hello Dolly (Rosalitas) – 200
Wide Arm Merkins – 100
Squat Jacks – 100
Nippler (Plank Nipple Taps) – 100
Burpees – 100

Naked Moleskin:
We did hard stuff today @F3Louisville. Heard in #COT, the physical hard stuff that we did today does not amount to the mental and emotional hard stuff others are going thru in our city and throughout the world. Keep those people in your prayers so they can #getbetter.

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