The Loco #BOP

Q: Nugget

Pax: Little Jerry (R), Geppetto, Backdraft, Old Bay, Forced Close (R), Double down(R), Matlock, Cochran, Pac Rat, Meter Maid, Crab legs, Boozer, Viking, Yogi, Gilligan (FNG), Momma’s Boy, Wildflower, Huggies, Launch Pad(R), Airplane, Grinder, Ashley, Scratch and Dent, Nugget

We all know what we did, and honestly, if you want a list of the Weinke, you can read any of the other 5 back blasts. To be honest, I was apprehensive to lead this one. It seemed like the Q should be the one pushing the pace and motivating by example. With some encouraging words from some HIMs, I knew that with  few words, the Pax would impress.

LOP (Line of Pain)

We moseyed to the other side of the soccer field to begin the warm up. Placed some cones, and did this in a line:

15 AV IC

Kendra Newmans

We headed back with high knees and butt kickers.

I then gathered the Pax for the explanation. All were confident (fearful) and ready (apprehensive). You v You, modify as needed and push through the pain. 35 minutes later we finished and all were spent. Keep in mind that this is a baseline and when we do this again, we see our improvement. Here is a list of the WINS:

Litte Jerry: 47 Mactar

Geppetto: Finished LBCs

Backdraft: 100 LBCs

Old Bay: American Hammers

Forced Close: American Hammers (and I saw a little more than expected during Deep Squats)

Double Down: 10 Mac Tar

Matlock: started LBCs

Cochran: American Hammers

PacRat: 50 Hello Dolly’s down range from Indy. (BEAST) And he promised to send us a Wo called Sharknado

Meter Maid: Carolina Dry Docks (this guy is killing it. I was at his first post at a Black Ops in Crestwood. Future Site Q)

Crab Legs: Ski Abs

Boozer: Carolina Dry Docks

Viking: Didnt get his on the video, but I saw him working. No modifications and pushing through. Tclaps

Yogi: 100 LBCs

Gilligan: Deep Squats. Awesome on your first post

Momma’s Boy: 50 LBCs

Wildflower: 75 Dry Docks

Huggies: 10 LBCs

Launch Pad: 40 Carolina Dry Docks

Airplane: Started Dry Docks

Grinder: Dry Docks

Ashley: 28 Hello Dolly’s (this guy made it clear he is measuring against CI. Maybe a good meeting spot is Temple of Gloom Thursday)

Scratch N Dent: Mac Tar

Nugget: 100 LBCs

All Wins. Loved seeing all of the Visiting Pax from Mutt and Posh.


Announcements made about the Touring challenge, the opening of Saturdays at the County. YHC said some words about moving to the next step and getting the 2nd F involvement. Coffeeteria, HDHH and whatever works for the Pax of the County. 2nd F leads to the 3rd F.

Final words for all were to look to the F3 for support and guidance through the week. Thanks for having me.



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