7/18 KiloAnniversary at #TheBridge 38 PAX

038DBCEE-B23F-4417-88FC-1C1F2434BC6DSeems like just yesterday I was struggling through the Blimps weinke that Nugget put together back on July 19, 2017.  For my anniversary I wanted to put the PAX through the same pain, but ramp it up a notch.

Rolling up to the bridge at 0515 I noticed a few HIM already MC around the meetup spot near the flag.  Over the next 15 min cars and clown cars began filing in to fill up the parking lot.  Humbled by the turnout, YHC took some time to walk around and try to speak to everyone that got up to start their morning with a serious Beatdown.

Even CI, Zoo, and Zartan scraped together a few gas cards to make their way out to the beautiful landscape we know as Posh. Nugget you were there too!  Zima and several other visiting pax coming from far and wide.


Conditons – muggy 75

zootire- my f3 pledge brother ToolTime brought me a anniversary gift.  Some beautiful neon flowers (my jam fosho) and a perfect schmedium neon tank.  Of course I had to switch the swag up and don the neon tank TT was so kind enough to add to my ever growing neon collection.  YHC also had the F3ranger panties 2.5 in inseam rocking.  Neon altra kicks and we were looking 💯!!


snowday, Nino, WeedWacker, dynamite, dry rub, yogi, rhythm, methane, jitterbug, Zartan, mr. hat, big bird, iceman, Valdez, CI, Pew Pew, Zika, nice n slow, crash, Tooltime, Huggies, retainer, abacus, double down, nugget, zoo, gypsy, gravedigger, watt, worm, macafee, thumbtack, fanniepack, Sadie, momas boy, maxi, kiloQ


Mosey to fountain for stretching 

Bear crawl about 1/4 mile to top of bridge hill


mosey to egg lawn

Lt dans – Squat/Lunge 1:4 ratio up to 10:40

Bob Webb’s – burpee/imperial walker 1:4 ratio up to 7:28 (for time)

Merkin water fall

mosey back over the bridge to the water Fountain

Plank shoulder taps

Sprints across bridge ALL THE WAY TO THE FLAG!!


Finished up with some Freddy Mercury from 0513-0515 because YHC will never short change you on a Q.  Strong to the finish!


Around the flag YHC thanked the PAX for the support but wanted to highlight that the PAX did not get up this morning for me.  They got up and out to the gloom for them.  That its important that we work hard to get ourselves right before we attempt to reach out to help others.  Getting right ourselves encompasses a lot of different aspects, getting our fitness right is only one of those aspects.  F3 has helped YHC get right in ways that he didn’t know he needed.  A fellowship group of like minded men that I didn’t know I needed to hold me accountable.  F3 gives you and me a vehicle to make a difference in our community and our group that would not be possible with out such a strong group.

It’s been a year for me, I’ve gotten better but I’m not right.  I believe if we all continue striving to “get right” together we will make a difference.


I love you!





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