Backblast The Mutt 7/21/18 #45 #TheHurt

Buschhhhh is the best, but he missed a golden opportunity with this one.

Year 45 came in with a bang!  But the lightning and thunder of the night before had nothing on what the pax and myself were about to endure.

Pax (10) Geppetto (Q)  Buschhhhh, Myagi, Tureen, Wham-O, Backdraft, Meatball, Cornbread, Digiorno, Drysdale (FNG)

Weather conditions: 70* +/-  Sunny.  Slight breeze.  You’d have never known Mother Nature had unleashed holy Hell the night before.  Maybe one of the most glorious mornings we’ve had in months.

Attire:  I’m protesting fashion reports until Zoolander decides to post again.


Circled up right where we were for some of the following:

Kendra Newmans (little/big, forward/back) (this one is on the soon to be protested list too Country Boy!)

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch

Imperial Walkers ICx20


Was at this point Buschhhh cracked the code and figured out 45 would be the theme of the day.

Big Boys IC x 45

Thang 1:  Reflection Path Nightmare

Beginning at the playground by the basketball courts we lined up and did a Native American run around the path.  About halfway around lap #1 we stopped and did 15 BOYOS.  Recovered and picked back up the Indian run until we made it back to the playground.  15 pullups on the monkey bars, OYO or with partner.  3 laps totalling 1 mile of running, 45 BOYOS, 45 pullups.

Thang 2A:  45s

Moseyed down to coupon storage at the prayer garden.  All grabbed one and circled up.  Pax would perform two exercises with total reps equalling…you guessed it, 45.  First was 30 coupon curls, 15 coupon bench.  Then descending/ascending by five.  25-20, 20-25, 15-30.  Totalling 90 reps of each.  #gunshow

Thang 2B:  Lt. Dans (45)

In order to keep with the theme o’ the day, we ditched the the usual 1:4 ratio and modified to 1:5 up to 9:45.  Deep coupon squats/jump lunges.  This was a lot of fun!  Probably should be a staple at everyone’s 45rd birthday parties!

Circle of Mary

Finished up like I do most of my Q’s.  Shot.  Let the pax help me bring it home.  We each called out our favorite Mary exercise and ripped them off.  Including Guantanamo Bays, gas-pumps, LBCs, flutter kicks, probably something else…Finally Fr. Cornbread brought some much needed sanity to the day and led us in a cool down stretch to finish out our time.


Count-o-rama. Name-o-rama.  We welcomed an old college buddy of mine, Backdraft and Meatball to the pax.  Jason Kang.  I’m sure this might come as a shock to some but the fraternity we were in had a reputation for being a bunch of rednecks.  Ok…we were.  Jason held the office of finance while in school so what better name than Mr. Drysdale.    Circled up for intentions.  I repeated what I said after my Q last weekend, again echoing what Chedda from Lexington SC, said to us a couple of weeks ago.  There is an epidemic of depression in our country, especially amongst men.  Suicide is at all time highs. As men we can be reluctant to express our feelings or ask for help when times get overwhelming.  We all have those moments and likely have friends that have issues we are unaware of.  F3 has provided an outlet for not only venting through physical activity but probably more importantly through 2nd and 3rd F.  Let’s keep this ball rolling and reach out to your friends that regardless of F3 affiliation need some help.  We also prayed for those fighting addiction, Meatballs cousin battling cancer, Myagi dealing with some stuff, and for those intentions left unsaid.

Finally, Buschhhhh surprised YHC with a little birthday present.  A cooler full of ice cold gold.  No it wasn’t Colt 45’s but the next best thing as far as I’m concerned.  Really appreciate that gesture and it’s little things like that, that make F3 so much more than just a workout.  Thank you to Buschhhh and all the other pax for coming out and starting my next year off right!

Gepetto out!

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