7/21/18 BackBlast – #Ruiner #TheO

PAX: Mayberry (Q), Cardinal, Fergie, Cutlas, Trump, Nugget and Seabass.

Weather: 70’s, ground was wet from storms, no rain.  Perfect morning.

SSH (19), Imperial Walkers (19), Grass grabbers (13), Downward dog stretch – time, Kendra newmans – time, Merkins – 11 (IC), Mountain Climbers – 13 (IC), Shoulder Taps – 11 (IC)

The PAX then each grabbed a coupon and we moseyed over to the basketball courts.

Thang 1: Suicide Seven’s.  PAX lined up on the baseline of the basketball court and completed a 7’s workout with Carolina drydocks and T-Merkins.  Suicide run between exercises stopping at MidCourt and returning.

Thang 2: Burpee Basketball.  PAX took turns shooting two free throws, and for each free throw missed the PAX had to do a burpee – we did a lot of burpees.  Although, Trump’s shot was the greatest. It was the best EVER!

While each HIM was shooting, the remaining PAX rotated between these : High-knees, Butt kicks, SSH, Imperial Walkers, and Bobby Hurleys

Thang 3: Coupon work Dora Style (field next to basketball courts), PAX partnered up and completed:  100 overhead coupon presses, 150 coupon curls, and 200 coupon rows, while other partner ran out and back to a random branch in the field from the storms the night before.

Looking great on time, we headed back to drop off the coupons and then to the tennis courts to finish up.  I had planned on utilizing the field next to the tennis courts but it was set up for Operation Brightside volleyball tournament and our focus was elsewhere.

Next Thang – Mary Web (Like Jack Web put with Mary workouts instead), using Heels to the heaven as the single and American Hammers as the quad. Goal was to keep legs suspended during the transitions.  We completed 1/4 – 5/20 then a break, 6/24 – 7/28 then a break, 8/32 – 9/36 then a break and finished out with 10/40.  We all struggled through it together, and only had one pulled ab muscle in the end – sorry Cardinal.

Finished up the last 10 min with Burpee football on the tennis courts, where Nugget reminded us that he can still throw 50 yards – all those years of WKU flag football have served him well.  Fergie plays football like Teddy Bridgewater – with gloves on, and Seabass was lost without a defensive or offensive line to protect (good luck to Seabass and his Trinity football team, until you play Saint X of course).

Concluded with a count, names, and quick prayer and thanks. Short and simple.


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