BB North Posh 7/23 Ouch

7 strong North Poshies showed up this morning for an intense cardio beatdown.

FNG Cowboy






Q Retainer

Huggies brought a blue tooth speaker. Put it in my backpack, blared some Bruce Springsteen, and we were off on the Louisville Loop.

Half-mile mosey, half-mile Native American flag run to the lower parking lot.

COP with 30 SSH, 20 grass grabbers, plank, left hand plank, right hand plank, calf stretches, Downward Dog and Cobra. Then:

Thang 1 – Ropes and Burpees

Divide into two groups. Group one grabs a jump rope and works on speed drills until relieved. Group two bear crawls across the parking lot to cones, does ten burpees, then sprints back to relieve group one. Rinse and repeat three times.

Thang 2 – Ropes and Merkins

Just like thing one. Group one on the ropes. Group two lunges across the lot, does 10 merkins, then sprints back to relieve group one. Rinse and repeat three times.

Thang 3 – 150 Count

Circle up in the grass. First Pax counts 1 to 10 big boy sit ups. Second Pax counts 11 to 20 for LBCs. Third Pax counts 21 to 30 for rest.  Repeat that cycle until we reached 150. Then 10 more merkins for fun.

Half-mile Notice American flag run and half-mile mosey back up the hill to the COT. Alarm went off at 6:15 as soon as we reached home base.

Countorama, Nameorama, and we named FNG Cowboy (big Redskins fan). Huggies gave us a backblast from Friday night’s 10-hour GoRuck event. Reminded the PAX about Popevergence.

Regarding Pope, Catfish shared the story from his first post. Pope was the Q, it was 15 degrees, and Pope led the workout in shorts and a t-shirt. Good times, sounds like a good dude.

Ended with the Our Father. Thanks for having me. Have a good week, fellas.

Retainer out.

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