Backblast – 8/6 Silo at North Posh

The whole point of this workout was getting out of my comfort zone and hopefully taking a few of the PAX out of theirs as well. I had never even been to the North Posh until this past Saturday when I stopped by for recon after the Pancreatic Cancer 5k at South.  In the daytime the area is beautiful, and I noticed quickly that almost every inch of the park is a hill of some kind. I also heard, whether true or not, that the North Posh guys like to run.  Hills and running…pretty much my specialties. I knew that I would be out of my comfort zone no matter what I planned, and I knew for a fact that a lot of the guys that regularly post there go hard. So, I broke the cardinal rule of Q-ing and put together a workout I was unsure I could complete.  I knew I would end up as the six more than once and got ok with it because I wanted to be sure the workout would be hard enough for the PAX that attended.

PAX: Meatball, Gypsy, PK, Storm Trooper, Hot Wheels, Huggies, Valdez, Backdraft, Cowboy, Blart (FNG), Woody, McAfee, Borland (FNG), Catfish, Dunphy, Kilo, Nino, Grinder(Q)

We started with a quick warm-up – SSH’s, Abe Vigodas, Hillbillies, Grass Grabbers, Michael Phelps. Next, we counted off and I asked each HIM to partner up with someone they didn’t know well so that they could do a little 2ndf along our mosey.  We took the path downhill towards the fishing overlook, then back uphill to the road and followed that back to the parking lot (just over a mile…of hills).  Our method of movement was a progression from Prisoner Run to Crab Walk, Prisoner Run, Lunge Walk, Bear Crawl, then Indian Run.  Along the way, we stopped for BOYO breaks (5 at a time) in between a few of the transitions.

Once back, we went to the hills leading down towards Shelbyville Rd for the remainder of the workout. The main thang we did was the Dirty McDeuce, modifying the reps to 15 for four sets.  For chest, we did sets of hand-release merkins (with leg & arm lifts on the 2nd count). For legs, we did Copperhead Squats, and for Abs, we did a 4-count V-up.  After finishing sets of 15 of all three exercises (IC), we would run to the bottom of the hill, then back up to the top.

Next, I considered doing a merkin time-bomb, but with the number of guys we had, I though it would take to long, so we opted for a 5 merkin smoke-bomb instead.  Unexpectedly, we finished that really fast, so I simply had us do it a second time.  We moved from that to Guantanamo, then finished up with some Mary (LBCs, Flutter Kicks, and Freddie Mercurys).

In COT, we welcomed two new PAX to the fold – Blart and Borland, both of who crushed their first workout. We next sent up intentions for a number of PAX, their families and friends and especially to a family McAfee discussed that is dealing with an unimaginable tragedy.  Lastly, we talked about challenging ourselves this week to get uncomfortable and work on those things that don’t come easy to us.

In closing, I just want to compliment Nino as a Site Q. He was beyond helpful in the planning process and even showed up twenty minutes early and helped me scout out the area. Hell, he even had an ice-cold bottle of water waiting for me after the workout. He’s a true HIM and it was an honor getting to Q at his site.

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