08.09.18 Backblast. Old Bay at the Helm of Agony.

We Mutts get our balls busted for not leaving the friendly confines of Holy Trinity very often.  While this is sometimes true, we also step up when called.  There was a general shit-talking neighborhood text going around, and I made a shameless plug for my Agony Q.  I asked “which of you jerks is coming with me?”  Zartan replied “what time are you picking me up?”  Quimby said he was in too.  Mouth asked how far away St. Al’s is, and then went dark.  I rolled over to Zartan’s at 0500 to get him and Quimby, and all 6’10” of Mouth was there waiting as well.  Accountability is one of the many things that make F3 work.  Love these guys.

Fast forward 19.5 minutes and we are onsite.  I see a few guys there.  I see Airplane walking over from his house that is literally on campus (hard to leave your home AO, ahem).  Then a few more cars pull in.  Then a few more.  Then 10 more.  Good God, what in the wide world of sports is happening out here?  As I’m introducing myself to a lot of the guys, and giving bro-hugs to some of the original crew from the O, Zartan says “I think you got 29 dude.”  Airplane pulls me aside.  “So this group gets pretty big.  If you want, we can split up and run 2 workouts.”  The book says that the Q is the one responsible for the acceleration of the group toward a desired outcome.  There was no way in Hell I wasn’t going to lead every one of these fine men toward my desired outcome.  To get better.  To get smoked.  To get right.

PAX (30): Freon, PK, Mud Bug, Big Bird, Cochran, Abacus, Valdez, DrDrDrumroll, Catfish, Viking, Meter Maid, Crablegs, Bulletin R, Boozer, Battier, Gilligan, Mamas Boy, Jolly Rancher, Retainer, Matlock, Airplane, WildFlower, Mouth, Zartan, Little Jerry R, Quimby, Launchpad R, Double Down R, Oscar, Old Bay QIC.

I call out 0530, and I say I feel bad that no one shows up for a workout here.  This location probably ain’t gonna make it.  Disclaimer, and we’re off.  Mosey to the basketball court in front of church.

COP: 25 SSH IC; 10 slow grass grabbers IC; 10 Surfees; 5 V Ups IC; 25 SSH IC; 10 slow grass grabbers IC; 10 Surfees; 5 V Ups IC; 10 Jiminy Crickets.  The Surfees and Jiminy Crickets were new to the PAX of St. Al’s, both seemed to be crowd pleasers.

jiminy cricket

Thing 1:  Count off by 2s and form 2 lines.  I hear someone say “no way we are doing an Indian Run.”  I respond “Correctamundo.  We are not doing an Indian Run.  We are doing a Scout Run.”  Front guy AYG sprint ahead for a 5 count, and then returns to the moseying PAX, high fives next guy, and goes to the back.  New front guy AYG sprint ahead for 5 count, rinse and repeat.  We did this along the front of the school, left on Central, and left into the big parking lot.  Thank God no cars on Central, that would have been a Charlie Foxtrot.  In the lot, the 2 lines face each other and get down for 10 quick Boo-Yah Merkins.  Scout run back from whence we came, then along the backside of the church to get the coupons.  Just under a 1 mile Scout Run.  Lots of Larry Birds in this group.

Thing 2:  Count of by 4s, and assemble by each of 4 cones that I had down in the main parking lot.  Group 1 Bernie Sanders longway across lot, sprint back.  Group 2 Blockees.  Group 3 Davincis.  Group 4 Walk over Merkins on blocks.  When Group 1 returns, all groups rotate.  We did 2 full rounds.  Catfish is rather fast.

Thing 3:  Group 1 sprint longway across lot, Bernie Sanders back.  Group 2 Thrusters with block.  Group 3 Flutter kicks.  Group 4 incline Merkin then Groiner on block.  When Group 1 returns, all groups rotate.  It was about 0612, and we had 2 stations remaining to complete 2 full rounds.  Runners picked up the pace, everyone encouraged each other, and we finished right at 0615.  Woof!  Well done boys.  As I like to say, put the coupons away on your own time.  Also, find coupon storage closer to the workout.  Sorry, not sorry.

COR.  NOR.  Announcements.  Prayers for healing.  Prayers of Gratitude.  Prayers to get better, and to stay better.

This location is great, but the men that come out ITG are what make it awesome.  Keep at it, and keep giving away this thing we have.  Come to other locations and meet other guys.  Keep prodding that guy that you think would benefit from this group.  Always accelerate forward.

~Old Bay


PS – This was my shirt drip drying in the garage.  Disgusting….just….wow.





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