The chopper back blast

The pax

tony malito,Sadie ,meatball, cutlass, worm, weedwacker, snow day, pk, hot wheels, thumbtack Q.

It was great being able to q at the tank there are so many different places on the sight to do different things. I had put the word out for my bayside pax to come for the flag but everyone besides me and Sadie fart sacked. We began


ssh IC 25 reps

imperial walkers IC 25 reps

abe agodas IC 25 reps

plank stretching

thang 1

mosey to get coupons and then mosey to the hill behind the baseball field. We ran up and down the hill doing 5 reps of 20 coupon curls at the bottom of the hill. When we finished the pax moseyed back to the parking lot for Dora bombs.

The pax partnered up to do the exercises together while first partner did the excercise the other partner ran to the second light and back. The B was 50 burpees, the O is 100 overhead coupon claps, M was 100 merkins, and the S was 200 squats. If the pax finished before the six they were to hold plank until they finished. We had 10 minutes left so we moseyed to the baseball field for some Mary goose. The pax circled up and one member called out an ab excercise and then ran around the circle while the other members completed the excercise.

The pax pushed themselves today and we ended with countarama, namearama, and cot.  Thanks for the great opportunity to lead your pax and I am so glad to be a part of f3  and am so glad to have joined all of you in the pax.

Thumbtack out

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