BB 08/10/18: STL Q


First Off, sorry for the delay.. Life gets hectic… BB’s are important.  I needed to get on this sooner.

Second Off.  Thanks to the HIMS @ St. Louis F3 for allowing a guest Q.  It was a pleasure meeting these fine HIMS and I truly appreciate the group letting me lead a workout.

My love for St. Louis started in the Ozzie Smith years.  My yearly trips to see ballgames with my dad felt magical.  I would have trouble sleeping the nights before heading there.  The drive there seemed like it took foooreeevvveerrr.  It’s a place I have so many memories and was glad to make an F3 workout one of them.  What brought me to STL this weekend?  The PGA Championship.. which was great and also smoking hot.

Q: Glauc

PAX: Shelton, Honeypot, Kramer, Pitino, Milton, Ringer

First off, these HIMS are preping for growruck memphis and Shelton, Honeypot, Kramer and i believe milton all had on their ruck packs for the workout.  I have no idea the weight.. it did not matter any extra weight sucks, particularly when I like to do running / high rep stuff.  Major props to them

The site in Clayton is F3 Heaven!  I could not believe the options.  For you F3 Louisville HIMS, It was like poshlands + bayside + seneca..  steps were present, hills, trails, fields, playgrounds, grills, swimming pools, pool tables, shuffle boards.. you name it, this site had it.

Mosey to kid soccer fields…

30 SSH (IC), plank stretching x 2 .

I kept my weinke simple and a lot of what I have done @ the past with other workouts

“Soul on Fire”  SSH the entire song,  burpee every “soul on fire”

Meet in the middle:

Song 1 :  “Seven Nation army”  partners split up on different ends of the field, run to the middle and do 4 Boo Ya Merkins,  Bernie sanders back,  Do 1 Burpee.. Repeat the entire song

3 min. interval.  1 min  Plank, rest 15 sec,  1 min Plank rest 15 sec, 1 min plank

Song 2 : “Hypnotize”  same as above.   meet in the middle and do 8 Boo ya squats, basketball slide back, do 4 (2 each leg) jump lunges . repeat entire song

3 min interval.   Ace and Garys 1 min, switch partners , repeat 1 min… 1 min pickle pounders.

“Beautiful Name”  hold elbow plank the entire song, go to High plank on chorus, do 1 merkin every descriptive name.. go back to elbow plank after chorus. repeat sequence entire song.

Mosey back to flag..

It was great to meet and be a part of F3 St. Louis!

COT / Prayers

Glauc OUT!


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