Backblast 8/25 Black Ops – Southern Indiana at Big Four Station

What a beautiful morning to get up and get after it!

PAX: Snowman, Moe, Beast Boy, Grinder (Q)

Beast Boy and I arrived to the site early and soon after, Snowman moseyed up to join us. Props to him as he’d already rucked across the river and down to the 2nd street bridge and back. Once the clock hit 7, we moseyed to the field for warmups. As we completed our 20 SSHs, we saw Moe bolting over to join us. We completed warming up with 15 Abe Vigodas, Downward Dog, Runner’s stretch, then 15 Grass Grabbers.

We then made our way to the bridge, by way of box jumps, bear crawls, and burpees. Once at the base of the bridge stairs, we did a set of copperhead lunges, then lunge-walked up all seven decks of stairs, stopping to do split jumps on each level.

Once up on the bridge, we moseyed across to Louisville doing ten reps of different types of merkins at each cross section of the bridge- merkins, Ranger merkins, hand-release merkins, derkins, and 4-count merkins. Once on the Louisville side, both on the way down and back up, we took Moe’s recommendation and ran the set of steep stairs leading down to riverfront Park. I’d never utilized these before and they were no joke.

On the way back across the bridge, we did squats at each station, then finished strong all the way back to the base of the bridge on the Indiana side. We stopped two minutes shy of 8 and circled up for COT. A few announcements were made (I realized on the way home, I forgot to do name-o-rama🤦‍♂️), then we discussed a cool thing that Moe is working towards right now: his future self. It was a great opportunity to talk about not just setting goals, but setting a plan and executing to make it reality.

Thanks to all the guys for coming out this morning! Grinder out.

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