Rules are made to be broken

Q Nugget

Pax: Mayberry, Loco, Soft Top, Yogi, Chestnut, Deuce, Vincent, Cutlass, Spinal Tap, Peroni, Digiorno, Nugget

It’s always terrible weather at a Nugget Q.  FALSE!

Definitely going to coupon work. FALSE!

Definitely not going to run. FALSE!

CI will not be there. OK some thing remain true. (Love ya CI)

Last Thursday after Buschhhh’s Q, Yogi told me he was coming to the O Saturday because he knew we wouldn’t be running. As Deuce, approached this morning, he told YHC the choice was easy because he didn’t want to run. Sorry guys, it is the dawning of a new day.

Disclaimer said, and we were off the short way to the tennis courts. So far so good, right?

Mayberry and Loco took the 7 am hard start as a suggestion and modified there.



Abe Vigodas 15 IC

Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats 15 IC hold at the bottom.

Thang 1

We moseyed over to the bathrooms for a modified crossfit WO called Kelly. This is where YHC had to crush all expectations of todays Q.

15 Box Jumps

15 Bobby Hurleys

400 m run

5 rounds

The Pax may have been suprised, but they performed with flying colors. I knew Vincent would get out quick, but Cutlass was killing it. He kept up with Vincent the whole time. Tclaps.

Next, back to the Tennis courts for thang 2

Thang 2 Broken down Burpees

Break into 5 groups.

Group 1 start at court 1 sideline for 5 squats

Group 2 court 2 for 5 groiners

Group 3 court 3 5 Merkins

Group 4 court 4 5 squat jumps with clap

Group 5 end of the courts for 5 Burpees

We did this in waterfall fashion counting down to one. Each group when completing a round would lunge walk or Bear claw (dealer’s choice) to the next station. After burpees mosey back to station 1.  Woof, this was a rough one. Mayberry and Deuce were the leaders in this one.

At the end we raced to the gate and lined up as we finished. The first 2 finishers, Chestnut and Deuce, were named captains for Burpee football.

YHC likes to end Ruiner Qs with some fun. International Burpee football rules were given and we were off. Yogi’s worked his progressions perfect and the game ended with a tie as tie was called. Mosey back to the flag for COT


Intentions for loved ones and friends of loved ones battling hardships. Loco called the 6 and told us of his delinquency as a youth in Hikes Point. Today was fun.

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