8/27/18 #Incubator Pre-Blast: This Isn’t Hollywood. It’s The Poshlands Damn It.

It sounds like the Black Ops workout at the O on Monday is the place to be. Why, you ask? For those who haven’t heard, we have FINALLY gotten the attention of a local TV channel and so WHAS is apparently coming out to the O on Monday to check us out. There will be lights, cameras, and action. It’s a pretty big deal. Hell, I even heard Red Roof is getting a mani/pedi for the occasion.

So if you want to be part of that Hollywood scene, by all means post at the O on Monday and my boys over there will take care of you. But…if the glam life isn’t for you, and you’re instead looking for a low key, old-fashioned beatdown, come to the Incubator and help me celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my VQ. I’ll be attempting to replicate my weinke from that humid day last August when I broke my maiden Q at the O, with a few modifications because we’re all better than we were a year ago.

There will be lots of cardio, a touch of coupon work, and a heavy dose of getting better. Come join me.



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