Bayside backblast 8-25-18

Pax: birdie, grandpa bear, glauc, mr. bubbles, Krystal, gilly, charloais, ol bay, fannypack, thumbtack Q.

Group assembled and I gave the disclaimer and we moseyed to the front of the school for cop.

25 ssh IC

25 imperial walkers IC

25 grass grabbers IC

plank stretching

steinl which is a plank excercise – hold plank for a thirty count and then ten merkins, then move to elbow plank hold for thirty seconds and then ten merkins, and finally spider man hold plank and bring knees to elbows for thirty seconds and then the last ten merkins.


Dora bombs with coupons while one partner does excercise the other ran 50 yards out and back.

B- Burpees 50

O-over head claps 150

M- 200 merkins

B- 200 big boys

S- squats 250

pqx returned coupons and moseyed to the flag for


mary goose- one pax member calls out an ab excercise and the rest of the pax completes the excercise while that member runs around the circle until they get back to their place. This continues until all pax members have called out an excercise.

COT at the flag

countarama, namearama, anouncements, intentions. Ended with a prayer to the sky Q and we all left to start our weekend.

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