Fun and Games Back Blast 8/25 the County Black Ops

This video (see link below) was on reddit the other day. I thought to myself “man that looks fun!” But where would I find a group of guys to do it with???? Enter fun and games black ops at the county. PAX: Airplane Q, MeterMaid, Abacus, Nunchuck (FNG), Jolly Rancher, Fun Dip (FNG) Gilligan, Big Bird, the GOAT, Mama’s Boy, Red Bull, Launch Pad (R), iPad, Double Down (R), Barney Fife, Amelia, Exxon (FNG), Valdez, Alexa, Echo (FNG), Viking. Weather: 70 degrees, mostly cloudy but dry. Disclaimer was given and we took for a yog aroung the church then circle up for COP: 25 SSH in cadence, grass grabbers, imperial walkers. Counted off into ones and tows.

rock paper scissors cricket GIF by KingfisherWorld

Thang 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge

YHC drew a rather pathetic line path on the back parking lot area. The teams lined up at each end of the line. The first person in each line bunny hopped until they met along the line. Once together, they engaged in a fierce game of rock, paper, scissors. Loser dropped for a burpee while winner advanced down line until meeting the next PAX. Rinse and repeat until someone gets completely across the line.  Seriously, click the link

All PAX worked while waiting their turn by doing LBC, merkins, lunges, squats or whatever they wanted.

Thang 2:

Cups and cones were set up around the lot. Team one would knock them down while team two would stand them back up (using hands only). We did this for five minutes or so. Time was called and we added up the scores. Teams were awarded a half for knocked down but a full point for standing up. I forget who had more points, but I’m pretty sure we won.

Thang 3:

Same as thang 1 But walk lung or bear crawl to meet

Thang 4:

Ultimate Frisbee

Same rules as a regular game with added burpees. Do one for each drop, do three for interception.


We welcomed our four FNGs, all 2.0s

Announcements: Pre-workout rucks have started before the Saturday workouts, check Slack for more details. Airplane has the Q at the Carp on Tuesday.

We ended with intentions and thanks for allowing me to lead such a fine group of men. This was a lot of fun. Lots of 2nd F and still a pretty decent workout.





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