08.25.18 St. Aloys Rucking Black Ops Backblast

Yesterday night I agreed to the Rucking Q for St. Aloys. I wanted to get an event up for this morning on short order especially considering next weekend is Labor Day. In the end, I ended up rucking with LaunchPad and his 2.0.

Q: Meter Maid

Pax (3): LaunchPad (respect), iPad (FNG 2.0), Meter Maid

We started from St. Aloys at 6am with disclaimers and rucked around Mt Mercy and Houston Lane. Just as Kilo eloquent discussed in a recent podcast, rucking provides a great opportunity to get know others including their 2.0. We ended up logging over 2.4 miles before coming back to St. Aloys for Airplane’s beatdown. (His was a beatdown was a blast…be sure to read his backblast.). We named our FNG 2.0. We concluded with the COT reading the citation of award for Audie Murphy from WWII. This is something that Huggies started (shout out) and I want to ensure it becomes part of our St Aloys rucks / culture going forward.

Speaking of going forward, be looking for future rucking events at St . Aloys. I will start with 6am black ops rucking before our Saturday morning beatdowns.

-Meter Maid

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