8.29.18 Blender Back Blast at Le Mutt

Could you be mine?
Won’t you be mine?
Please won’t you be…my neighbor!

When Old Bay was looking for someone to Q the Blender for this day I felt an obligation to step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve posted at the Mutt a few times before. I have Q’d a total of times less than fingers I have on my hand. My thought: the crew at Holy Trinity was not too dissimilar to my crew at St. Aloysius. We are a parish community, It’s close, convenient, and for the most part, I know the PAX that would be in attendance. For this reason, although it may not be the “next door” type of neighbor, we definitely have the type of bond that if I needed bread, milk or eggs these dudes would come through in the clutch. Time to meet up with my neighbors across town and try to leave them with a good ole beat down.

Gearlander fail: Attmpted to dress up like Mr. Rogers: Shirt, tie, sport coat, dress socks and dress shoes. Once arriving at the AO, I would sing the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” tune while exchanging my sport coat for a house sweater and changing from dress shoes into my Nike running shoes. However, the humid 80 degree morning in tandem with what I had planned on my Weinke, was sure to be a recipe for some heat exhaustion and a trip to the ER. Wasn’t going to do that to my PAX so I modified and settled for a Sesame Street shirt that I have owned since before F3 ironically(I actually own two).
Holy cow! 5:30 already? Recited disclaimer. Time to get it on!

PAX: Cowbell, Alexa, Sump Pump, Glen Ross, Zima, Hamm, Mama’s Boy, PED, Deuce, OJ, BigBird (Q)

Mosey to the front of church.
COP: 15 SSH IC, 5 Sampson Lunges each side, 15 Abe Vagodas IC, 15 Michael Phelps IC

Tabata: My 7yr old 2.0 The GOAT made this one up: The Bearpee- In a bear crawl position, rotate 360 degrees before dropping down into a burpee. Feeling a little dizzy after this one clear that only a young kid with huge imagination and equal part stamina could have dreamt this up. But hey, free to lead, right?

Thang 1: PAX stay in a circle. Time to get to know my neighbors better. Reverse plank chest to the sky. Whole holding reverse plank PAX tells how they got their F3 name.

Thang 2: Mosey to the hill. Clock Merkins: Plank on the hill at 12:00 5 merkins. Hold plank, rotate to 3:00, 5 merkins. Do the same for 6, 9 and back to 12. Rotate back to 6:00 on the decline and do 10 Peter Parkers IC.

Thang 3: 11’s up the hill. Bobby Hurleys at the bottom and burpees up top.

PAX feeling smoked!

Mosey around the circle to our starting position. 10 Copper Head Squats IC. Attempted to do BigBird Lunges (ask Glen Ross). After some groans from the PAX, a spot on comment from OJ and three minutes to spare, I decided to modify and do a bit of Mary.

Mary: PAX in a circle. While laying down, hold your feet at 12:00. PAX takes turn calling out 12, 3, 6, 9 in whatever order they choose, keeping legs off the ground and moving legs to appropriate position like the numbers on the face of a clock.

Mosey to flag for COT
Announcements:PayPal set up on Slack for Keely: goal to get over $1000 (BTW, we crushed it and hit our target of $1200 in record time! Love this group!)
Intentions: praying for single Mom Nora and her 8th grader Keely at Holy Trinity who is undergoing cancer treatments. 10 second moment of silence to pray for Noxeema Jackson’s son as he was to undergo surgery that morning. For all of the intentions that we hold in our hearts that are left unsaid…

Thank you to my ten neighbors and friends for allowing to come in your back yard and lead you all in a 45 minute endeavor to “Get Better.”

Until next time….


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