8/31 Norton Commons BackBlast

Pax: 8- Snowman, Viking, Cowboy, Grinder, Meter Maid, Fridge, MudBug, Glen Ross Q

going to keep this one short.  College game day in 30 minutes- go Irish!

As I mentioned in the preblast, this was the 28th consecutive Friday out at Norton Commons.   The day and site continue to do well for a Black Ops and we will keep it going as September is booked up.

Start with disclaimer and quick circle up for warm up.  10 SSH, 10 Peter Parkers, 10 Hillbillies, then some stretching, downward dog, then end with cobra stretch.  Off to the playground with Indian Run.

Thang 1:  Norton Commons elementary has nice playground and enough bar space to include pull ups.  So we did 10 pull ups, then 20 merkins, then 30 big boys.  The hardwood mulch made the big boys a bit harder.  Plank when done and then the group would do 10 burpees, 20 dive bombers (these really suck), then end with 30 big boys.  We did 2 cycles of this but on the second cycle switched in LBCs for the big boys.   Finished up with prisoner run back to the Amphitheater for thang 2

group one would do a burpee ladder- going from 1-8, while broad jumping to the next ladder.  When finished at the top (36 burpees), then stop at each step on the way down for 5 merkins at each step (40). Never done this before, but was a good challenge.  Meter Maid finished first in the group.  While group 1 did this, group 2 waited for their turn banging out 100 curls, 100 bench presses and 100 rows.

We finished exactly right at 6:15 with everybody getting in one full cycle.  I was soaked and glad it was over.

Circled up for COT: Announcements- September Ruck in 2 weeks w/ Snowman and Jordy.  BTW- Snowman is a beast, the guy is everywhere including helping to rebuild homes in the Dominican Republic this summer for 2 weeks.  Another announcement for Saturday workouts, and reminded the guys to keep working headlocks for all locations.  Fridge got the 6th and explained his name.  Fridge is a straight up HIM.  He’s also my neighbor and we bike to the Mutt for workouts.  His first workout was in 10 degree weather and Vincent was the Q!  And he has been coming back ever since.

Ended with intentions and prayer

Prayers for Davis and NJ’s entire family and a speedy recovery.  I really enjoyed this one and thanked everyone for coming out and allowing me the opportunity to lead.  Enjoy the games today and time with your families



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