9/8/18 #Ruiner Backblast: Wham!’s DojO


QIC: Wham!

10 PAX:  Zartan; Red Roof; Chestnut; Ant Man; Captain Insane-O; Chicken Fried; Gillespie; Digiorno; Face (Respect. No?); Wham! (Q)

Time: 0700

Weather: Forgot to check the temp but maybe 75ish degrees; Humid; Wet playing surface

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Smedium Black F3 Mudgear Sleeveless Shirt; Gray Champion Shorts; Gray hat with GrowRuck Tough patch; Solomon Speedcross 3’s

Between the downpour the night before, the forecast for rain essentially all day yesterday, and the fact that I made clear in the Pre-Blast that we would be “in the grass” during the WO, I wasn’t sure what kind of turnout I would get today.  As it turns out, 9 other HIM decided to post at the O with me and it was a great group with lots of 2rd F mumble chatter and laughs.  We had O.G.s like Red Roof, CI, Zartan, Face and Digiorno; we had studs like Gillespie, Chestnut, and Chicken Fried; and we had a long lost Pax Ant Man who hadn’t posted in a while and was looking to make a comeback.  It was a perfect combination of old school and “new” blood.

Last summer, and even as recently as this spring, the hilly area at the O that includes Mount Quimby and is adjacent to Wham! Island was regularly mowed by our city’s parks department, but at some point during this past summer, the city adopted a “managed meadows” philosophy and stopped mowing the middle portion of this area, which inadvertently created a quasi-circular “loop” of short grass around the unkempt middle section of the area.  Ever since this loop was created, I’ve been wanting to use it during a Q and yesterday was the day.  Props to Google Earth for the pic below depicting the area I’m referencing:area

COP @ Wham! Island
At 0700, we left the shovel flag and set out on the 5ish minute mosey to Wham! Island for COP:

20 SSHs IC
15 Abe Vigodas IC
10 Imperial Squat Walkers IC [side note-these are tough]
Kendra Newmans OYO
20 Merkins w/ 2 Count Cadence followed by Plank Progression (Regular Plank; Right Arm Up; Left Arm Up)

Thang 1:
After COP, we moseyed from Wham Island! to a nearby strip of grass next to a creek and divided into 2 groups.  “X” marks the spot in the picture below. grass by creek

The first group ran the 1/2 mile elevation changing loop (see pic above) that started at the bottom of Mount Quimby while the other group partnered up and did the following:

P1: Squats AMRAP
P2: Run to second set of cones, 10 Burpees, run back to relieve partner
P1 then did P2’s exercise and vice versa

P1: Flutter Kicks AMRAP
P2: Run to second set of cones, 20 Merkins, run back to relieve partner
P1 then did P2’s exercise and vice versa

P2: Run to first set of cones, bear crawl to the second set of cones, run back to relieve partner
P1 then did P2’s exercise and vice versa

Once the first group returned from their run, they partnered up and did these same exercises while the second group ran the 1/2 mile loop.

Thang 2
I love incorporating Mount Quimby into my Q’s and so I decided that it needed to be used again even though the Pax had already run up it during Thang 1.  Here’s a pic of this beast of a hill taken in its better days when it was fully manicured by the city:


I brought my own personal coupon from my home dojo for Thang 2.  The concept was that the Pax would line up in a single file line going up the hill with the first guy in line holding the coupon.  He would hand the coupon to the guy behind him and then sprint to the back of the line.  This process would continue until we made it to the top of he hill.  Going into this, I had some concerns that this might not be that hard and my concerns were 100% proven correct.  However, as I told the Pax, there may be some moment in their future when the experience of handing a cinder block to someone behind you and then sprinting approximately 10 feet up a hill on a continuous loop would come in handy.  All 10 Pax will now be ready for that moment.

Thang 3
We then moseyed a little farther up Mount Quimby until we arrived at its apex where we circled up for a modified version of Jack Webb.  My original plan was to do merkins with gas pumps but because the ground was so wet from the prior evening’s downpour, I was trying to avoid making the Pax sit in wet grass and so I replaced the gas pumps with jump squats.  This turned out to be a very bad idea.  Once we made it to 20 jump squats, YHC could not fathom making it all the way to 40 and so I called an audible and went back to gas pumps for the remaining sets until we made it to 10 merkins and 40 gas pumps.  There was some good mumble chatter during Thang 3, including talk of CI growing his hair out until the spring of 2024, or something like that.

Thang 4
We then continued our mosey around the 1/2 mile loop before stopping for some side hill burpee/run partner action.  Partner 1 ran up and back the side hill twice while Partner 2 did burpees.  The partners then switched and this continued until they reached a total of 40 burpees between them.  This Thang would not be that difficult in isolation but we were now 40 minutes into the WO and so it was much more of a struggle for me than I anticipated.

Thang 5
For Thang 5, I found a nearby long stretch of grass for Catch Me If You Can.  For the first set, Partner 1 did a high knee run while Partner 2 did 5 squats and then sprinted ahead to catch his partner at which time roles were reversed.  Once we ran out of room, we turned back and did the same thing except that we changed from 5 squats to 5 Carolina Dry Docks.  Once we got back to the original starting spot, it was 7:52 am and so we moseyed back to the flag while taking turns carrying my personal coupon from Thang 2.  We arrived back at the flag at 7:57 am and so we needed to fill 3 minutes because we don’t end early.  YHC asked Zartan to lead the Pax in a round of his signature Fifer Kicks and he kindly obliged.  With one minute left, I couldn’t handle any more Fifer Kicks and so I called for 10 BOYOs to finish off the morning.

We circled up, bid farewell to Face who had to leave at 8 am sharp, made announcements, shared intentions and then YHC led us out with a short prayer and a reminder to always wear your “patience pants” when dealing with family members and others (shout out to Old Bay for coining this phrase during a COT last week).

As always, I enjoyed leading this group and look forward to my next opportunity to do so.





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