BackBlast #BlackOps #BigFourStation Abacus Q 9/8/18

Lucky for me every disclaimer clearly states “modify as necessary”. Early in the week I planned on Co-Q’ing with Iceman and running (i) a speed / agility course and (ii) 11’s up the bridge. I showed the workout details to Iceman. Friday Iceman called as he left the doctor’s office with a jammed and dislocated finger. My Co-Q was out. My plan was still to carry on with the wenke.

I left the house about 10 minutes later than I planned, so I drove like bat out of hell  to get there on time. @grinder gave me the quick tour of the park. AWESOME AO!!! If you have not been there, GO!


On the tour I scrapped the agility course and second guessed the 11’s. Great Now What?

Grinder and I headed back to the flag to greet on the arriving PAX.

A few minutes before 0700 one lone FNG emerged from the fog of the river. A few pleasantries and the disclaimer were stated for all to hear.

Quick lap around the park and triangled up for a TOP rather than a COP.

COP – SSH, Merkins, Febreeze (1 big boy sit-up / 4 air presses with legs 6 inches off ground increase count jack webb style), Nancy Kerrigans, Steve Earls (Copperhead Squat with a Hillbilly at the end)

Mosey to river

Thang 1

Step up / Jump up followed by dips (1:4 ratio up to 10). These don’t have a name yet as far as I know…

Mosey back to park

Thang 2

Grinder PT – 3 rounds – 10 X SSH, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Squat Thrust, LBCs

Thang 3

Wavy’s – 1:4 ratio 1 Merkin / 4 Wave-Off [from your belly 1 merkin back down to belly / arms out in front superman style then snow angle arms to your hips]( we went up to 5:20 before YHC had enough

Thang 4 – with a quarter of the hour left, YHC led PAX in Yoga to cool down.

We picked up a random FNG for a few salutations crusty. Seriously that’s what he looked like.

Mosey to the flag for TOT (triangle of trust). Welcomed Plumb Bob (FNG) and gave thanks for the wonderful morning.

PAX – Grinder, Plumb Bob, Abacus (Q)

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