Pax: Sideline, Worm, Piggy, Gypsy, Hot Wheels

We got in some good 2rd F and 5 miles before the WO.

Fog Beatdown

Maybe because I’m stupid or crazy, I don’t know. I decided to have an all legs and core workout after a 5 mile ruck.

Pax: Starchild, Bitcoin, Gypsy, Piggy, Retainer, Huggies, Double Down (R), Bear(2.0), Leonardo(FNG 2.0), Hot Wheels Q

Short Mosey to the side parking lot for some COP with some suspect counting, those slow moves get me. Oh well, it was worth a good laugh.

Everyone grabbed a coupon and a partner and lined up at he far end of the lot.

P1: farmer carry his coupon and his partners the far end of the lot, 20 straightleg deadlifts standing on a coupon and holding the other.

P2: LBCs until partner returns.

Switch. Rinse and repeat

P1: carry one coupon to far end of the lot, do 30 Squats then back.

P2: 6 inch holds for 30 count 10 count rest.

Switch. Rinse and repeat.

P1: Mario to far end. 40 Bonnie Blairs (Jump Lunges) Mario back

P2: Flutter kick

Switch. Rinse and repeat.

Next we did a scout run over the bridge to the fountain for a run through with a webb style an workout. I believe it’s been referred to as Captain America’s. Big Boi Sit-ups and American Hammers. This one is a killer. Thanks the HIMs for helping to count.

Mosey back to the flag and YHC and the Pax were smoked. Circled up for announcements. Huggies has the Q Wednesday and has a competition planned with patches for winners!

Intentions for lots of folks in need and closed with a prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead you. Always a great time.


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