The Silo 9.10.18 BackBlast


I’ve been signed up to Q Thursday & Friday this week for several weeks, but when Catfish asked for PAX to fill up dates at the Silo I wanted today. Hell, I needed it. For those of you who don’t know I was scheduled to Q the Silo on Labor Day, but due to Sunday festivities escalating (quickly) I asked Kilo to fill in for me. Of course, I got a nice message from the (10) PAX in attendance…I’m not going to lie, it sucked. I hated feeling like I let down the PAX (even though they probably didn’t really care) which is why I was eager to redeem myself today.

At 0525 the only PAX in the parking lot was Boreland (who has only posted at North Posh & may not even know where any of the other AOs are) & I was feeling some humility. Catfish rolled up & at 0528 Kilo came flying in…this was it. 

Weather: 59 degrees with 97% humidity, but it felt great.


  1. Boreland
  2. Catfish
  3. Kilo
  4. Nino (QIC)

I gave the disclaimer that, all four of you are here on your own free will, everything 


  • (20) Side Straddle Hops IC
  • (20) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (20) Imperial Walkers IC

With that, we moseyed down a path we don’t use very much to the William F. Miles gazebo Overlook. This is a pretty nice little spot with three sides lined with high concrete steps & a couple of picnic tables. When we got to the Overlook I explained Thang 1:

Thang 1 – 15 minutes AMRAP

Round 1

  • (10) Box Jumps on the steps
  • (20) Merkins
    • (10) Decline
    • (10) Incline
  • (30) Dips
  • Run to the 1st cone (25 yards) & back

Round 2

  • (10) Box Jumps on the steps
  • (20) Merkins
    • (10) Decline
    • (10) Incline
  • (30) Dips
  • Run to the 2nd cone (35 yards) & back

Round 3

  • (10) Box Jumps on the steps
  • (20) Merkins
    • (10) Decline
    • (10) Incline
  • (30) Dips
  • Run to the 3rd cone (45 yards) & back

After the 15 minutes, we moseyed along the trail between Angler Lake & Dragonfly Lake to a parking lot along the main road where I explained Thang 2.

Thang 2 – 15 minutes AMRAP

Starting at the bottom of the hill 

  • Bear Crawl up the path of stairs
  • Lunge walk across the road to the parking lot
  • Build a Bear through the parking lot
    • Bear Crawl down the right side, across the end, back out the left side
    • 1 Burpee with a Merkin & Plank Jack
    • Rinse & repeat going through all (10) parking spaces
  • Run back to the bottom of the hill & repeat

By this time it was 0605 so we moseyed up the road back to the meeting point & circled up for some Mary work.


  • (20) Big Boys
  • (15) Windshield Wipers IC
  • 6” hold for 30 seconds
  • (20) Hello Dollys IC
  • (10) Big Boys

It was now 0615 so we circled up.

  • COR
  • NOR 
  • Announcements
  • Intentions

I thanked the SkyQ for another day, asked that these 45 minutes be the hardest thing we endure today/this week, & for the courage to lead in our homes/community.

Whether I’m the Q with 40 or 4 PAX in attendance it’s always a humbling privilege to lead the HIMs of this group…even if only for 45 minutes.

Nino out.


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