Upon arrival to the County to set up at 0500, I received a call from StormTrooper.  He asked if it’d be ok for him to address the Pax prior to the work out beginning.  You see, StormTrooper is a former Marine and currently serving on Ft. Knox as a Firefigher.  What an opportunity to get our mindset where it needs to be for a 9/11 tribute.  He was scheduled to be at another 9/11 memorial this morning but wanted to stop by before our workout to share a bit of what this day means to him.

As 0530 neared StormTrooper, dressed in Fireman uniform, demanded attention.   He spoke about the 342 firemen that lost their life this day 17 years ago.  About them heading to work at about this time that morning not knowing they would never return home.  He also mentioned his time in the corp and how some of his very best friends are no longer with us because of the results of this day.  Towards the end while getting a little choked up the pax picked him up.  All 32 HIM began to clap for ST, what a touching moment, a moment Ill likely never forget.

Thank you StormTrooper for your sacrifice, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  AYE!!!!

WOW what a way to start!

At this point i was unsure if my workout was going to live up to the mood already set.  But the PAX wouldn’t let me down, they worked hard this morning.  The energy was palpable, MC was at a minimum.  A lot of pick ups and encouragements were heard, hands slapping etc.  It was beautiful to hear….I planned for this workout to be difficult and for it to push everyone, I was glad to see we were all picking each other up.



Stormtrooper – motivational speaker
Little Jerry – R
Double Down – R
Launch Pad – R
Bulletin – R
Mud Bug
Meter maid
Tool time
Carmen (FNG)
Mama’s boy
Soccer Mom (FNG)

Workout was extended to 0619 and 25 seconds.  This made the workout exactly 2,966 seconds, representing the number of lives lost on 9/11/01

Quick COP

20 SSH

20 Mt. Climbers

20 Abe Vigoda


Mosey to grab coupons.  Each pax picked up a coupon and carried it with them through the workout.  The coupon was to represent the burden that the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 carry with them everyday.


Thang 1

Partner UP

P1 10 BOYOs

P2 AMRAP deep merkins on coupons


Each round completed reduce BOYO by 1 so 10 all the way to 1.

This gives each PAX a total of 55 burpees and when added with their partners, each group did 110 burpees.  There were 110 floors in the WTC towers.  


Thang 2

342 Firefighters lost their life on 9/11

Same partner

342 cumulative 4 count flutter kicks w coupon over head

P1 flutter kick

P2 3 cone 75 yd suicide run


Thang 3

The passengers of Flight 93 and Todd Beamer “Lets Roll” saved the White House from destruction that morning by over taking the hijackers of their plane. 

Mosey with coupon to other side of parking lot

Same Partner

93 cumulative Rockys (burpee with coupon)

P1 Rocky

P2 3 cone suicide run


Mosey back to put up coupons and sprint back to flag right on time at 0619 and 25 seconds.





After asking the PAX to #NeverForget that awful morning 17 years ago, I asked that we depart in silence in respect to the 2,966 people who lost their lives.


I Love You!








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