F3 Louisville Leadership Announcement – TClaps to McAfee and Nino


It is my honor to announce some leadership changes for F3 Louisville. Before I go any further, let me borrow some words from others about F3 and leadership.

F3 is intended to be led by the PAX. Each man who is in F3 would consider himself willing and ready to lead, whether it is to Q a workout, lead a social event, direct a chartable cause, or lead any other initiative consistent with the mission and core principals of F3.

F3 is also built upon the concept of tentpole leadership. Think of a circus tent. The Nan’tan (Red Roof) and his team is the tentpole. The PAX are the tent canvas, pulling the canvas out in all directions for F3 to cover as many men as possible. The tentpole’s job is to support the tent. If the tent is pulled too far in one direction, the tentpole will topple. The canvas must be pulled equally from all corners. One cannot work without the other. in other words, there’s a reason we have HIMs in place in the center.

F3 Louisville has grown exponentially since those days of Red Roof working out and keeping it alive back in April 2017. It’s been quite incredible to watch and humbling to be a part of. A great combination of the right men and the right time.

But, without change, true growth, innovation, and even excitement can be stifled. We have a PAX full of leaders and HIMs ready to step up and lead the PAX. Additionally, new energy is always a good thing.

Two of these HIMs are McAfee and Nino. These HIMs need no further introduction. Both are glue guys, HIMs that we are all willing to follow, and both of whom have energy and ideas to spare. I am therefore excited to announce that McAfee and Nino are your new 1st F Q’s for F3 Louisville. McAfee and Nino will be responsible for overseeing the AOs, making sure they’re running well and are growing; will support Site Qs when needed; plan convergences; and, will lead and direct CSAUP events as the opportunity arises.

I have enjoyed serving in this role, however loosely, since we created our initial leadership structure. But, to be honest, F3 Louisville has grown so fast, with so many natural leaders and true HIMs, that I frankly haven’t had to do too much. “Good job,” or, “sounds good to me,” was sometimes all I did. But, now, with the numbers we have, new leadership is needed. McAfee and Nino are primed to lead.

Give TClaps to these two HIMs for taking on this role! SYITG!







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