09.25.18 Rooster backblast. Old Bay at the helm. “It’s 0529, and we are shockingly dry”

PAX 25:  Beano, Larry Flint, Tiger, Sprinkler, Mary Poppins, Windshield, DiGiorno, Peroni, Buschhhh, Daddy’s Girl, Blueprint, Hamm, Deuce, Sump Pump, Mad Cow, CowBell, Fridge, Pink Panther, Noxeema Jackson , Maize, Geppetto, Escort, Plumb Bob, Zima, Old Bay (Q)

GEAR:  F3 shirt, 14″ inseam Target shorts from many years ago.  Condor TacHat with DFQ patch.  New favorite motto.  Derek Zoolander would hate my shorts.

CONDITIONS: Hot and wet.  That’s fine if you in the jungle, but it ain’t no good if you with a lady.

Disclaimer given, and off we go.  Mosey around school straight to the coupon garden.  Grab a coupon and head up top to circle up.

Stretch on your own time.  I said it in my pre-blast.  Challenged everyone to not let their coupon touch the ground for the next 10 minutes.  35 minutes easier than one of my previous Qs.

20 coupon thrusters IC

On your 6.  20 flutter kicks IC

Coupon get-up.  20 coupon curls IC

On your 6.  20 flutter kicks IC

Repeato x1.

Thang 1:  Partner up with someone with similar ability for 11s.  Mosey over to corner of Cherrywood and Leland.  12 teams of 2ish.  6 teams go thataway, 6 teams go thataway, always facing South.  Shuffle over and down Leland for 10 burpees, shuffle back over and up Leland for 1 DaVinci.  Bernie Sanders down Cherrywood hill for 9 burpees, sprint back up Cherrywood hill for 2 DaVincis.  8 then 3, 7 then 4, and so on.  Great encouragement and mumble chatter when we crossed each other at the apex.  I’ve been looking for a chance to use the word apex, because I’m smaaaht.  ‘We’ve got Buschhh’ (and I forget who his partner was) finished, of course, when everyone else was on 2-8.  Larry Birdin’ like a Mo’Fo’ on the mean streets of the Estates section of MaryHill.  I remember what it was like to be 26 too.  This thang took way longer than I planned in my head.  I originally wanted to do 11s again with Merkins and V-Ups.  Improvise and Adjust.  Next time.

Thang 2:  Mosey back, grab your coupon, go back down to the coupon garden.  Same partners.  P1 can either over-head carry 1 (—> Cusack, thanks DiG), or farmer carry 2 coupons up steps, over, and around.  Sump Pump killed.  P2 does air jump rope without stopping.  Apollo Creed impersonations welcome.  Repeat twice………and time.

COR.  25.  Zima is a beast because he tweaked his back at Bourbon and Beyond whilst being awesome.  Mosh pit during John Mayer must have been LIT.  He still came out this morning to see what he could do before he rolled.  Get better hombre.

NOR.  Windshield drew the 6 cuz he drives a lot.

Announcements and words for those that are struggling physically and mentally.  I always offer a prayer of gratitude, which I did.  Today I also offered a prayer seeking consistency.  Sometimes, everything is clickin’ with family, work, house, etc, and then some small-ish stupid thing will knock me out of my lane, and I will be an asshole all day  because of it.  Dumb.   I can’t control external circumstances, but I seek to control my reaction to them.

This thing we got is good.  This thing we got is real.


ps – The skies opened up and it rained sideways at 0620.



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