Carpenter Back Blast 9/22 “Vae Victis” or “Woe to the Vanquished”

Weather 72 degrees 95% humidity.  The rain held off just long enough for the workout

Mosquitos in full effect

PAX (6); Tanks (3) – Chestnut, Flo Jo (tank), Grinder (tank), Captain Insane-o (tank), Worm, Huggies (Q)

This was my second workout at the Carpenter (Joe Creason Park).  It was my VQ for this AO.  I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible out here.  I stayed about as close to the starting location as one could.  I knew there is at least one place in the park where three roads converge and I wanted to utilize that somehow.


40 SSH (IC)

20 Imperial Walkers (IC)

20 Abe Vigodas (IC)

Kendra Newmans

We got on our sixes for some opening Mary

20 Flutter kicks (IC)

20 Freddy Mercuries (IC)

20 LBCs (IC)

20 Gas Pumps (IC)


The Thang

I title this  workout Vae Victis which is Latin for “woe to the vanquished”

Legend has it, when the Gauls sacked Rome in 390 BC, the Romans negotiated a ransom of 1,000 lbs of gold to get the barbarians to leave.  When the Romans were giving up their gold, they complained to the barbarian king that the scales were rigged.  The barbarian king then threw his sword on the scale and said “Vae Victis!” making the romans add more gold to account for the rigged weights and the sword.  Woe to the vanquished.


We moseyed over near the entrance, where essentially three roads converge.

I placed an assortment of objects in the middle that represented an exercise with a certain number of reps,  (See the attached pic).  50 yards away in three opposing directions were circular cones.  The water jugs were worth 15 air squats each.  The sand bag was worth 10 big boy sit ups.  The triangle cones were worth 20 burpees.  The water bottles were worth 30 hand release merkins.

PAX divided in to three groups of 2, and started at the circular cones 50 yards away. The goal for each team was to obtain as many items as possible.   Partner 1 sprinted to the middle to grab any item and bring it back.  Both partners did the exercise.  Partner 2 then sprinted to the middle to collect another item, bring it back and do the exercise.  Rinse and repeat until there were no items left.  The team that collected the most items wins and gets to assign the following post-round exercises.  30 burpees, 30 Big Boy Situps, 30 hand release merkins.

Round one victors –  Huggies and Grinder – assigned the burpees to CI and Worm.  Merkins to Chestnut and Flo Jo.

Round two victors – CI and Worm – assigned burpees to Huggies and Grinder.  Merkins to Chestnut and Flo Jo.

The PAX ultimately chipped in and helped the guys, who were doing the 30 burpees, to finish.  No vae victis with this PAX.

Chestnut was asked to tell a joke between the rounds to allow the pax to recover.  I’m trying this instead of the traditional 10-count.  The joke had something to do with a duck walking into a hardware store and asking for nails.  You’ll have to ask him.

After round two we placed the items back in my truck and then did an all out run to the flag.

We had three minutes for Mary left

20 Flutter kicks (IC)

20 LBCs (IC)

20 Pickle pounders (IC)

Plank hold for one minute


Grinder talked about the GoRuck selection that we watched over the weekend and how we can all find that inner strength we saw displayed so well by 011.

Announcements.  Intentions

It was an honor as always.  I’m looking forward to my next Q at the carp.

Huggies out.



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