Back Blast – The Chopper – 9/28/18 – SnowDay Q

Pax (10): Banana Bread, Carlose, Iceman, Jitterbug, Meatball, Peep Peep, SnowDay (Q), Tony Malito, Weedwacker, and Worm.

Weather: 55 ish. Fog. Lot’s of fog.


COP: Much to the chagrin of Malito, I let the pax know this morning we would be doing some leg work… Malito and his tank let me know they weren’t pleased. 30 Second Run In Place, 20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Abe Vigodas, topped off with leg stretching and a easy-paced mosey over to the coupon stash.

Pax was given the disclaimer (1.1) that we would be focusing on legs and that there is an option of grabbing the light coupons, heavy coupons, or no coupons. The pax did not disappoint… we all went heavy. Coupon carry down towards the lower ball field.

Thang 1: At the stone seating half the pax went up a few steps with coupons. The other half would remain on the lowest level. Those up top would do one minute of alternating step ups with coupons. Those on the lower level would do one minute of box jump burpees. At the end of the minute the upper and lower pax would switch. This continued until all pax did 3 x 60 seconds of both step ups and box jump burpees. We then snatched our coupons and made our way to the grassy hill between the two ball fields.

Thang 2: Legs already feeling it, we hit the hill for some hill sprints and targeted leg work using our coupons.

We started with 10 Hill Sprints followed by 2 Squats, 2 Sumo Squats, 2 Right Leg Split Squats, 2 Left Leg Split Squats, and 2 Calf Raises. We then continued by decreasing Hill Sprints by 2 each round and increased targeted leg exercises by 2 each round. We would eventually finish with 2 Hill Sprints, 10 Squats, 10 Sumo Squats, 10 Right Leg Split Squats, 10 Left Leg Split Squats and 10 Calf Raises.

Upon completion of Thang 2 we did the coupon carry back up to the lot and returned the coupons to their home. Jitterbug made sure they were stacked just right… or at least I think that was Jitterbug. May have been Peep Peep. Don’t really know as the fog had reduced visibility to about 2 feet.

COT: Being that time was not on our side we did some stretching as we counted off and transitioned into name-o-rama. Announcements and intentions were made along with a quick prayer to the Sky Q.

Shout out to Carlose and Peep Peep for making it out to the Chopper for their second consecutive post in as many days since joining F3. Also, Malito and his tank managed to make it through.

Nice work to all.




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