Back Blast – WHO DEY Q at the #TEMPLEOFGLOOM 9/27

Image result for who dey steelers

It was a glorious Thursday morning at the Gloom indeed…a seemingness perfect morning for a nice workout beat down!  A humid-less perfect 55 degrees to start.  These brave men showed up to get better than we were yesterday:

11 PAX: Gillispie, Digorno, OJ, Scuba Steve, Macafee, Joker, Bucshhh, Vincent (Respect), Wham!, Nino

Q – Who Dey

At 5:30 AM sharp, we headed over to the school for a nice brief warm up:

Side Straddle Hops IC – 37 (In honor of Who Dey’s turning of 37 years old)

Abe Vigoda’s – 20 IC

Copperhead Squats – 20 IC

Grass Grabbers – 20 IC

Thang 1:

The PAX grabbed a partner to start the fun:

Partner 1 – Step ups on the bench

Partner 2 – Run to the end of the lot for alternating exercises:

5 “Who Day Herpes” (Hand Release Birpies)

10 Merkins

Run back to relieve partner


Rinse and repeat, AMRAP for 15 minutes

Thang 2:

Head back to the Tennis Courts for “Leg Wreckers”

The PAX continues with their partner.  Each stationed at the baselines of the tennis courts

Lt. Dan down to your partner (Squat then 2 leg lunges until reaching partner)

Partner 2 holds Al Gore until they arrive – Then Lt. Dan back down to the baseline

Rinse and repeat – 10 minutes

Thang 3:

Wave of Merkins:

PAX gets together in a circle, starting with 1 Merkin around the circle and holding plank in-between. All the way up to 10 merkins


LBC Burn out – 50 IC

Flutter Kicks – 20 IC

Pickle Pounders – 20 IC

Hotel Floors (1-3) – 20 called out by fellow PAX

Windshield wipers – 20 IC

After a good full body workout, we took the long way back to the flag around the backside of the track.  It was a great day at the Gloom indeed.  Thank you for allowing me to lead the Q.  I hope everyone got a great workout!!





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