Back Blast #TheAgony 9/27 Zima Q

OK, here goes the truth.  I’m the reason they deemed Champions Park unsafe for Bourbon and Beyond.  You see, when I was leaving Saturday I sort of slipped/stumbled and traversed about 25 ft. or yds. (that is not clear) around a corner apparently until my rib cage came to rest on the edge of some tables.  Fast forward to Tuesday, i was up early and didn’t want to miss Old Bay’s beatdown.  I was beatdown early and clocked out about fifteen minutes into the WO because getting up and down proved to be incredibly painful.  X-rays would later reveal that nothing was broken, but doc did determine I had bruised more than my ego Saturday.

Fast forward to Wednesday night.  I’m trying to figure out how to lead a bunch of HIM’s through a challenging WO realizing that I have very limited mobility above the waist.  I sneezed on the way home from work and almost started crying in traffic.  It’s that kind of pain.  Legs are OK, but BOYO’s, Merkins, LBC’s or pretty much anything that requires moving my body weight around something other than my legs is out.  Searching for some lost clothes under the bed, I realized I could hold a plank…and a plan is born.

Arrived at St. Al’s almost 20 minutes early.  Is this my first Q?  Airplane said they get as many as 30 on a regular basis for The Agony so maybe the Q juice was flowing.  Or maybe those steroids the doctor gave me were finally kicking in!  Sure enough, the crowd was building and just as we were about to begin, one more pulled in so we waited.  Out comes a pledge brother i haven’t seen in a few years at least and it was his second day at F3.  So glad to see you @ColdCall.  I was pumped now.  Anyway, we did actually work out so I’ll get to that now.

24 Pax: Alexa, Cold Call, Meter Maid, Airplane, Double Down (R), Fungi, Launch Pad (R), Abacus, Blart, Cowboy, Big Bird, Wildflower, Uncle Rico, Star Child, Red Wagon, Training Wheels, Storm Trooper, Gilligan, Fergie, Carmen, Valdez, Mama’s Boy, Cochran and Zima (Q).

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional.  Proclamation: No boyos, merkins, or Mary today.

COP:  Grass grabbers (15 IC), Abe Vegodas (15 IC), Copperhead Squats (15 IC), Frankensteins (30 SC), Mountain Climbers (20 IC), Imperial Walkers (20 IC), High Knees (30 sec.), Butt Kickers (30 sec.), Kendra Newmans Front/Back (1 min.), Groiners (20 SC), SSH (21 IC) *Meant to be 21’s to test Pax cadence, but YHC did not explain well.*, Colt 45’s (15 high squats, 15 low squats, 15 full squats).

Thang 1: Native American Column Run (split into two groups).  Ran about 0.5 miles around campus.  Last man does 5 squats and heads to front.  Stop every two minutes for a 1 minute plank.

Thang 2: Lunge Walk Inch Worm.  Plank in two lines of 12 Pax head to toes.  Last man lunges to front and assumes plank.  Pax planked for almost FIVE minutes here as 12 Pax in each column slowly lunged to the front.  The St Al’s Pax showed strong to quite strong lunge walk form.  Take note @F3theMutt, I’m bringing this home.

Thang 3: Black Jack 11’s.  Line up at edge of parking lot and Bernie Sanders about 50 yds. slightly uphill, perform 10 Bobby Hurley’s, run back to parking lot curb and perform 1 plank jack.  Rinse and repeat trading reps from BH’s to PJ’s until we ran out of time.  Well, not totally, but I was pretty intent on burning out the shoulders.

Thang 4: Hulk Webb.  One shoulder tab (left then right = 1), four air presses.  Two shoulder taps, eight air presses and so on up to ten and forty.  Note that i did not test the shoulder tap movement prior to the WO thinking it was similar enough to the plank as to not bother.  WRONG!

Shoulders now completely smoked and out of time, we circled up for NOR, Announcements and COT.

Announcements: St. X /Trinity Tailgate and Germantown Oktoberfest happening Friday night for 2nd F.

Prayers for our F3 families and their families.

Fast forward to car ride home.  Sneeze…tear.

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