BackBlast 10/1 BlackOps at The O

Pax: Vincent (Respect), Plumb Bob, Pork Chop, PED, Glen Ross Q

We did 3 consecutive Monday BlackOps at the O in August, but none in September.

I ‘m usually not a Monday guy, but after back to back crappy Mondays and needing to change up my energy I decided to put this BlackOps out last Wednesday.  Not sure who would show, but I knew the Clydesdales would be running out there so my plan was to either Q the BlackOps or if nobody shows just run with the Clydesdales.

By 5:30, Vincent, PED, Plumb Bob and Pork Chop rolled up and we got started.  Disclaimer and off for a quick prisoner run down Circle Hill Rd, stopping 4 times for 10 single count prisoner jump squats. Turn left onto Homestead and back into the park.

Warmup: Mosey over to bathrooms for some derkins, dips and inclines. Started with 15x for each, then did one more set at 20x for each—sadly YHC already modifying 10 minutes into the workout.

Wrapped up the warm up and with enough pax for coupon work made our way over to the new coupon location.  Not sure what this area is called, but we need to name it something—kind of sketchy, used to be a rug over there and would be a great spot to hide and smoke a joint.  With it being Monday, I wanted to try and keep the shoes dry for the guys so we mostly stayed off the grass and decided to just stay under the trees for 7 minutes of coupon work. 60 seconds on, 10 second break—Curls, Rows, Bench Press, then repeat one more time. Ok, we might have had more than 10 second break on round 2

Put the coupons up and made our way over to the tennis court for suicides.  FiA was using the front court, so we took the far back court.  Side note, FiA seems to like to have the guys out there as they have had some small issues.

Started with burpees—first court 2 burpees & Bernie Sanders back, second court 4 burpees & Bernie back, third court 6 burpees & Bernie back and ended with 8 burpees—Bernie back

Next was 5 LBCs, 10 LBCs 15 LBCs & 20 LBCs—again Bernie back after each set.

Then we did Merkin Bearcrawl up the court, stopping 4 times for 4 merkins, 8 merkins, 12 merkins and 16 merkins

Plumb Bob suggested we Bernie Back and stop 4 times for 10 single count SSH

Next up was Pork Chop—crab walk up, with 4 stops doing Copperhead Squats 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x

Vincent brought us home with Mario back—stopping 4 times for 5x jump squats

With 2 minutes left we took the long mosey back around the tennis court back to the flag exactly at 6:15

Ended with announcements—and it looks like there is interest in keeping this as a Monday option this month as Vincent, PED and Pork Chop all said they wanted to Q (check calendar/ slack).  Plumb Bob told us how he got his name and started coming out last month—keep coming back! Ended w/ intentions and prayer.

Wasn’t sure about this one as I’m at best a 50/50 for Monday workouts but I’m glad I did it.  Feeling good today at work, and got me out of some of my lazy Sunday evening habits

I appreciate the guys showing up and picking me up.


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