Back Blast – The Silo – 10/1/18

6 HIM’s made it out to North Posh yesterday for a hill workout mixed with a deck of cards. I recently received the F3 Workout Deck in the mail and wanted to put the cards to use so I figured no better time than my next Q. Here’s what transpired:

Circle up for warm-up:


Grass Grabbers

25 Pushups

We then split into 3 groups of 2 – Nice-N-Slow/Catfish, Dunphy/Borland and Valdez/Huggies.

Group 1 started moving through the deck of cards while Group 2 tackled the big hill at the front of the park running down and doing 10 pushups and running back up to do 9 and then back to do 8, etc. Group 3 took off down the opposite hill toward the pit where they took the trail back up to The Silo(about a 1.2 mile run).

The goal was to be able to push at your own pace but always circle back to the group once you were finished. Once you finished one of the run portions you joined in on the deck until everyone was back at The Silo. When everyone was back at the deck station we switched and the groups moved on to the next station.

This took a little longer than I anticipated and we finished right at 6:15.

We then circled up, did name-o-rama, announcements and intentions.

It was a small group but an excellent group of guys and I enjoyed being out there with everyone and having the ability to lead the workout.

I look forward to the next one.


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