10.02.18 – Carpenter backblast – Old Bay

Short and sweet today boys:

  • 6 PAX defeated the fart sack, and braved the mosquito-infested grounds of Joe Creason Park.  Grinder, Trump, Zoolander, Flo Jo, Starchild, Old Bay (Q).  At the beginning of the WO, our boy Lung Dart had not yet arrived, and we were concerned for his well being.
  • Mosey to tennis court parking lot.  Yep, let’s do COP right next to the other boot camp cuz I’m in that kind of mood.  25 SSH IC, 15 grass grabbers IC, 15 mountain climbers IC, 10 V ups IC.  Repeat.
  • Thang 1:   1 mile scout run over to Poplar Level Road and back to the Zoo parking lot.  Stopped halfway for a Leg-lift time bomb.
  • Thang 2:  Burpee mile.  Circular perimeter of parking lot is 0.5 miles.  We started at “6 o’clock”, 10 burpees, mosey counter-clockwise to “3 o’clock”, 9 burpees, “12 o’clock”, 8 burpees, and so on.  We made it to 4 burpees, and were running short on time, so I audibled.
  • Thang 3:  mosey over to auxilary parking lot, and everyone grab some curb.  Round the clock Merkins.  3 incline, 3 off set, 3 decline, 3 off set.
  • Thang 4:  Pax in a line, all facing small hill.  On your 6, legs 6 inches off ground.  PAX at front of line merkin, bearcrawl up hill, merkin, side bearcrawl over, merkin, crawl bear down hill, fall in in the back of the line.  Next Pax begins sequence.  Repeat twice.
  • TIME.  Mosey back to the flag…err…the place where the flag would be if CI wasn’t fighting West Nile.  Get better CI.
  • COR, NOR, Intentions.   Those who have lost loved ones.  Lara Macgregor.  Those battling cancer, and those worried about their cancer coming back.  I closed with prayers of gratitude, and prayers for strength and consistency.

Thanks for having me out, I love to lead this group, and I think we have barely scratched the surface of this location.  Have a great day boys!

~ Old Bay

ps – Lung Dart was in the parking lot when we returned.  All is well at J Creason park.

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