The County BO Back Blast 9.29.18

First off, apologies gents for the delay in getting this out. You HIM went through it with me on Saturday and it was a very ungentlemanly-like thing to do to wait this long. Now that that’s out of the way, let me get on with the courteous and honorable. I had not planned on leading the workout this day. We are working on getting The County to be a regular AO on Saturdays and I raised my hand to be the site Q to see to it that it happens. I was unsuccessful in finding a Q to lead the workout so it was my duty and honor to take it on. And I had to be courteous to the fellas that were coming to join me to smoke them out and get their Saturday started off right. Additionally, I have never been one to feel obligated to lead a “birthday Q” but as fate would have it, my birthday was the next day so it was about to be on. As I pulled into the lot, I see Airplane’s M walking from their house with her bag of tricks for the ladies. This was to be the first workout where F3 and FIA would share the space. As the chivalrous gentleman I hope to be, I would make sure to use other parts of the campus so as not to overlap or be in their way.
0655-post the flag (of course at a different spot than the usual).
0700-let’s get it on!

20 Hillbillies IC
Pigeon stretch hold for a 10 count each side to work out the hip flexors
5 inchworms
Downward dog, stretching out the calves and then into Cobra looking up at the beautiful morning the Sky Q had given us.
15 Michael Phelps IC

Curb to Curb:
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Super Mario

Tabata: Peter Parkers

Thang 1:
20 Minute AMRAP

Intention was to play some good music for motivation. Airplane called me out on a shotty playlist and we were pretty sure we heard a dance mix version of an Asian Macarena. After the 20 minutes of audible agony, I decided to shut down the music. Should have checked the music on that playlist first…

10 Pullups
15 Merkins
20 Air Squats
Mosey around the campus- rinse and repeat for the 20 minutes

Thang 2:
10 Minute AMRAP
Start with 5 Boyos
Farmers carry with coupons for 30 yards
10 jump lunges
Farmers carry back
Rinse and repeat for the 10 minutes

Little Jerry led LBC’s IC
Double Down led Gas Pumps IC

2ndF gatherings at Rooties for MNF
St. Al’s Men’s Club recruitment event at 3rd Turn in Crestwood. Thursday night, 10/4, 7:00

Prayers for continued recovery for Selfie’s M who had emergency gallbladder surgery over the past weekend.

I was humbled by this group of men that joined on this day. I spoke on how I always think about how F3 has changed my life and how I am always quick to take advantage of the first two F’s. Sometimes I don’t place enough importance on the 3rdF. I wanted to take this moment to thank the Sky Q for being alive and capable to get out and do these workouts. Not everyone is as fortunate and I’m sure they would love to be able to do what we do. I asked the PAX to find moments in the day to take a deep breath, give thanks and look for opportunities to go out and share of ourselves and to be the best men that we can to make an impact in the lives of others.

Until next time…


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