Back Blast – The Tank – 10/3/18


Today, Malito and I pulled a bait and switch.  Actually, Kilo double booked the Tank, but who can blame him.  Odds are that Malito and his M may be having their third kid any day now, and I have been a likely fartsack with the Star Course this weekend.  Regardless, it had been a while since I had Q-ed and thought Kilo was being the leader that he has been, was pulling me back into the fold.  Making sure that I keep up my acceleration towards becoming a better me.  So with that in mind, I wanted to plan a workout that would keep everyone moving, sweating, and working to get better.

We had 12 HIM’s come out this morning, including 1 FNG :Weedwacker, Carlos, Worm, Meatball, Aerobie, Kilo, StarChild, Tony Malito, Drysdale, PK, Hot Wheels, FNG (Roundup)

After the confusion of who was Q’ing settled down, I gave my disclaimer.  Definitely not a professional, modify as necessary, for the better or worse.  Then lets go get at it.

Circle up at the top parking lot:

SSH, in cadence (I think we did 30, everyone was in a good grove and wanted them to think we were going for the traditional StarChild 100).

Imperial Walkers, in cadence – 18

Finkle Swings, in cadence – 10 each leg

Calf Stretches – begin in plank, move to downward dog, right leg over left and hold, then left over right.

Stay in plank, and move right leg next to right hand, hold stretch, then take left hand and stretch to the sky.  Perform the same stretch on the other side.

From here, we did a count off, and split everyone into four separate groups.  We had 12 HIMs, so four groups of three.  Perfect, just like I planned.  I sent one group down to grab some mini coupons, and told them to meet us at the lower baseball field.

I had three stations of exercises.  The circuits would be performed as if a relay.  One group would be in motion, while everyone else worked, until they made it to the next station, then the next group would run to the next station. Rinse and repeat until Q says stop.

Station 1 – Box Jump Ladder

Station 2 – Shoulder Press

Station 3 – Jump Rope

We did two rounds, and probably should have done a third, however I called time on this routine, as it was nearing 6, and I wanted to get into some Mary.

We Moseyed up from the lower baseball field to the upper field and circled up for some Mary in right field.  One thing I enjoy doing when I Q, is to search the F3 nation exercise page to find routines, or items that I have not done in Louisville.  So I had picked two to work in our Mary session.

First we began with some Absolution.  This one was tricky to lead as it is an 8 count exercise, but we figured it out.  Everyone begins in Plank.  Counts 1 and 2 are a Groiner.  Counts 3 and 4 are movements to elbow plank.  Counts 5 and 6 are Plank Jack movements.  Then 7 and (Count) are movements up from elbows.  We did these in cadence and did a set of 10.  Everyone seemed to like them and Carlos even gave me the “Thank you sir, may I have another”.  So I put that in my pocket and would check the time after the next item.

Another gem from the exercise page, was a workout set to “Bodies” by Drowning Pool.  It is a nice little song, where everyone Donkey Kicks when they hear the work Bodies (only 26 in total), and does Merkins every time they count 1, 2, 3, 4 (21 in total).  The rest of the time in held in plank.  The point is not to let the bodies hit the floor.  Not the traditional song stylings that Kilo or Glauc would have pulled, however I tend to think OJ would have appreciated.

I checked the time, and we still had plenty (really should have made everyone do one more circuit at the lower ball fields).  So I remembered with Carlos said, and we did another round of Absolution.  The count went a little better this time.  We did another set of 10.

With a few minutes left, I threw it out to the PAX to decide the final Mary routines.  We knocked out some LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Windshield Wipers, Heel Raises, and Good Ole ‘Merian Hammer with a U-S-A count.

By that time we were all done, and my Q juice was running out.  We circled up for count-o-rama, name-o-rama, and naming our FNG.  Weekwacker brought his father out as his FNG.  We went round and round with many great names, and settled on Roundup.  Funny how the father and son were fighting about which one was really superior to the other.  Something about Roundup kills weeds, and Weedwacker kills weeds so he controls Roundup. Either way, it was enjoyable and I am sure it will be something they will continue to argue over.  Shows a great relationship there, and adding another great HIM to the PAX. Welcome Roundup.

We finished with many intentions, and a small prayer thanking the sky Q for helping us all get better. I mentioned that it has been one year since I first posted, and am thankful that F3 has been a part of my life.  It has helped me get better in many aspects of my life, and driven me to accelerate and work to be a better person inside and outside of my house.  Prior to F3, I can’t claim that there were many, if any, men that I would text or call to hang out, work out, or talk to about the challenges that I was facing.  It is something I didn’t know I needed, as I felt that I was complete before.  I want to thank the F3 brothers for providing that fellowship, to make sure I do not fartsack.  Making sure that I keep accelerating.  Making sure that I am being the best version of myself for my wife, kids, and community.  Thank you.