Rooster BB – 8.2.18 – updated

I have been pretty busy lately, so it was not until the night before that I realized this was pretty much the anniversary of my first post.  What a year it has been.  I have put a lot into getting better physically over the past year, but I have gotten so much more out of F3 than I could have ever imagined.  I look forward to another year of continuing down that same path.

(Sorry left this out previously) – PAX (26) – Deuce (Q), Cowbell, Backdraft, Geppetto, Hooch, PED, Sump Pump, Tiger, Mary Poppins, Iceman (R), Worm, Larry Flynt, Loco, Fridge, Noxeema Jackson, Jitterbug (R), Wham-O, Escort, Left Eye, Blueprint, Spinal Tap, Miyagi, Mouth, Maze, Pepperoni, Plumb Bob.

On to the workout

Disclaimer given and start with the mosey around the school.  Circle up for a little COP.  SSHs, downward dog, copperhead squats, diamond merkins and imperial walkers.

Count off in 3s, and then line up with your numbers for a native American run (3 lines due to there being 26 PAX).  Down cherrywood to Ormond, left on St. Matthews Ave to Leland and back to the school.

Next, partner up, with one partner grabbing a coupon and heading back up to the portico.  Starting there, partner one would start coupon work while partner two ran to the other side of lot for 10 reps of an exercise.  Continue until 200 coupon reps combined were completed.  Exercises done:

200 curls with 10 lunges being done each time at the other end of the lot;

200 overhead presses; 10 squats

200 big boy situps; 10 bobby hurleys

200 rows; 10 SSHs

That finished just in time for a little Mary.  I started with 10 V-ups and then called on the PAX for their favorite.  Exercises called – Catalina Winemakers, merkins, American hammers, box cutters, rosalitas

Return coupons and head to the flags.

Announcements that Q school week would be coming up and continue to encourage those that have not Q’d to step up, even if its to co-Q.

Intentions given, and again thanking the Sky Q for all the blessings bestowed on us.



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