Back Blast – The Loco at The County – 10/9/18

Well, my County VQ was all I had hoped it would be! Great workout with a great group. We had an excellent turn out(29 PAX) and we definitely got after it.

I started with the usual disclaimer and thanked the PAX for having me. As I mentioned in the Pre-Blast, I consider The County a 2nd home as I post there about once a week on average. That said, I was excited to Q and lead the group I’ve gotten to know over the last several months.

We started with an immediate mosey to the coupons which we retrieved and brought back to main parking lot behind the school. Once all PAX made it back, we circled up and began the warm-up. First, 25 SSH. Next, we went around the circle with each PAX saying their hospital name and F3 name as they and all the PAX did a burpee. We repeated this for all 29 PAX. We then went to plank position and did a descending pushup/plank countdown. 10 pushups then a 10 count, 9 pushups then a 9 count, 8 pushups then an 8 count, and so on. We then moved in to the core of the workout.

The Main Thang

Coupon Stackers

PAX counted off into groups of 3 and gathered their coupons on the far side of the parking lot. PAX 1 ran the coupon down to the cones(roughly 75 yds.) and did 10 coupon squats. He sat the coupon down and sprinted back to the other two PAX to retrieve the next coupon. PAX 1 repeated the same process with the other two coupons. Meanwhile, PAX 2 and 3 AMRAP’d 10 burpees and 25 merkins while PAX 1 finished. Once PAX 1 returned to the group, all 3 PAX bear crawled down to the coupons. At this point, PAX 2 started the process of transporting the coupons back to the starting point while PAX 1 and 3 began the AMRAP of burpees and merkins.

Once all 3 PAX and all groups finished this process, we returned the coupons. At this point, we broke up into to two lines facing in opposite directions but starting at the same point. We then set out on a native american run with group one headed one direction and group 2 headed in the other. The team that broke the plane first won all the bragging rights.

Once we finished the run, we headed back to the flag and circle up for some Mary which consisted of Sit-ups and American Hammers.


Bob Ross and Family

Darth Visor and Family


Food drive / Convergence


October Ruck event

Q’s for County BO’s on Saturday

Again, thank you County for having me. I look forward to the next one.






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