Backblast – Bag of Wrenches 10/9

PAX: Ball Boy(FNG), Geppetto, Face, Flo Jo, Wham!, Rhi Rhi, Worm, Cutlass, Hot Wheels, OJ, Trump, Meatball, Scuba Steve, Gillispie, Grinder(Q)

We started the morning with a mosey between the tennis courts then around the short end of the loop and back to our starting point. Next, we grabbed coupons then went onto the big court to warm up: 20 SSHs, Downward Dog, 20 Grass Grabbers and Michael Phelps.

Thang 1: Partner One Bear Crawls to second court and sprints back while partner two alternates between AMRAP Coupon Curls, Rows and Squats. We went for 8 minutes on this one (Van Halen -Jump, AC/DC – Back in Black).

Thang 2: Partner One runs the full length of all courts, tapping the fence and returning while partner two tries to complete 5 BOYOS, 10 Merkins, and 15 V-ups before partner one gets back. We went for 16 minutes on this one (Led Zepplin – Kashmir, Ted Nugent – Stranglehold)

Thang 3: Plank Jack Time Bomb, starting at 5, then working down to one.  Then did Mary- 25 LBCs (IC), 25 Flutter Kicks (IC), 25 Freddie Mercurys (IC), 25 American Hammers (IC), Plank for 1 minute (Metallica – Master of Puppets).

Circled up for name-o-rama, announcements, intentions and farewell.

Here were the highlights of the morning:

Getting a text from OJ telling me his feet hurt worse after my Q than after his 50 mile ruck (I think he was exaggerating).

Meatball telling me a story about seeing Ted Nugent shoot a flaming arrow at his concert as we ran sprints listening to the Nug’s ‘Stranglehold’.

Learning the Scuba Steve is the fastest living human and that he actually speeds up the more sprints you ask him to run.

Geppetto telling me he thought he was going to spill merlot, immediately after I, myself, felt like spilling merlot. Fear of a ‘Stand By Me’ moment was the only thing that held me back.

Someone (I think Cutlass) asking if I was going to play some Skynard after subjecting the PAX to nearly 40 straight minutes of classic rock.

Gillispie showing up late and then leaving early. 😉

Seeing all the Carpenter regulars show up to the O.

Being a part of nicknaming someone Ball Boy.

Hangin wit my homiez.

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